Road Trip Mini Recap

It’s been a while since I have been able to update. I traveled to New York to see the Coyotes against the Devils and Rangers and have been crazy busy since getting back. I would have loved to have seen a win on the road, but I will gladly take the point we got against the Devils. The most entertaining thing at the Devils game was the drama in the Zamboni tunnel. I am pretty sure the one guy tried to steal my soul at one point. Dude had some anger issues.

It is fun to see other arenas and see what other teams and fans do. There is a lot you don’t see/hear when watching the game on tv. We had no problems with Devils or Rangers fans because we know how to act respectfully in other teams arenas.  We chatted with the Devils fans next to us. We talked to some Rangers fans during warmups. The only asshole was an extremely drunk Rangers fan. He came back from a beer run and forgot which row he was in. And even he wasn’t that bad.

Oh, and retro OEL was a huge hit when leaving MSG. I am so glad I went with that one, even though it has a losing record this season.

I didn’t take any photos, except with my phone, as both arenas did not allow professional cameras and I did not want to risk it. If you’d like to see some of the shots I took check out my Instagram.

We also went to the NHL store, but I was sadly disappointed at the lack of Coyotes merchandise. I should not be, but I was. I would have given them my money, but apparently they don’t want it. I was surprised at the amount of Minnesota merchandise. I did purchase a Devils and Rangers shot glass to add to my arena collection. I have one for each arena I’ve been except Anaheim because both times I’ve gone the team shop was way too busy (opening night and New Years Eve).

As far as Coyotes play, we are finally settling into what I expected. Lackluster defense. Low scoring. Not looking ready to go. Vancouver looked more awake Friday and they played in Dallas the night before. I am starting to think those first couple of games were a fluke.

I do like how the Coyotes seem to have more fight in them this year and they start clawing back earlier. Last season the push always seemed to come in the last 5 or 10 minutes.

I hope to see our defense pick up a bit and our veteran forwards get in on the goal scoring. Injuries certainly haven’t helped. Porcelain Marty needs to not break so much. Hopefully, the team can learn and bounce back from these losses.

Not much else right now, hopefully I will get back into the swing of games and posting this week.

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