Robert Covington urges protesters to send a message without resorting to vandalism

Rockets big man Robert Covington has been extremely active in his community this week, as those in Nashville — and around the world, for that matter– protest over the George Floyd murder by a Minneapolis police officer.

Covington came up big for his community, joining others to help clean up the city, after parts of it were vandalized. He’s also been vocal about exactly people should do to voice their opinions, in a manner that actually gets heard.

He’s setting a great example, as Covington recently sent a message on Instagram, urging protesters to use their words, not vandalism, to make an impact.

“Thru this tough time in our world. We came together to really help bring about a change in the community. Protestors and rioters are different. We don’t need to diminish our neighborhoods with vandalism. That’s not the message behind any of this. Standing up bringing awareness to the situations only brings change. We have to think about the generation behind us, and what they will have to endure. Why not start with us leading the way.” Covington wrote.

Well said.