Robert Quinn, Eric Berry leave Dallas without reaching deals

Wild Card Round - Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans

The Dallas Cowboys are 1-for-3 this week with inking visiting Free Agent’s so far.

The Dallas Cowboys strength last season was in the defense. Thanks to a consistent pass rush, and a stellar secondary, Dallas had found success on the defensive side of the ball in 2018. Unfortunately, they will lose two key pass rushers to suspension/retirement, and they have been looking to upgrade the safety position for quite some time now.

Earl Thomas is out of the picture for the Cowboys. Although there were talks of the Cowboys attempting to acquire for the last year or so, his inability to offer a discount to his hometown team forced the Cowboys to look elsewhere and Thomas ended up signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Instead of going for a young star, the Cowboys looked to fill the void at safety with an older, established player in Eric Berry. Although Berry was once recognized as one the NFL’s most dominant safeties, his injury concerns over the last couple of years have made him barely useful for the Kansas City Chiefs. Eventually, they had to call it quits with Berry as they released him last week.

To fill the void at defensive end, the Cowboys are showing interest in trading for Miami Dolphins’ defensive end, Robert Quinn. As the Dolphins are looking to deal Quinn via trade, he’s off to visit a few teams that could be interested in acquiring him. His first visit happened to be with the Cowboys.

What’s the status of the visits?

Eric Berry’s first offseason visit was with the Cowboys, and that meeting came and went. So far, there no rumors of a potential deal in place. Right now, there’s a good chance that Berry will end up entertaining a couple of interested teams as he looks to find his final fit in the NFL.

As for Quinn, he left Dallas without a deal as intended. Before his meeting with the Cowboys went down, Quinn already had his sights set on the New Orleans Saints as well. They will make their pitch for the veteran defensive end as well, and we could probably expect a deal to go down sometime this week. At this point, we just don’t know where.

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