Roberto Petagine is Alive! He’s ALIIIIIIVE!!!

Roberto Petagine is starting at first base for the Red Sox tonight, as Bronson Arroyo goes against Sean Douglass. With the Royals’ sickening display of how to blow a game on exhibit earlier today, the Red Sox must win today. With Millar not being able to carry the previous two games in KC over yesterday, he is on the bench. Since Olerud is not very effective against right-handed hitting, he is on the bench, and Roberto Petagine rises from the dead.

Today's Lineups
NO.     DETROIT                 BOSTON
1.      P. Polanco, 2B          J. Damon, CF
2.      C. Shelton, 1B          E. Renteria, SS
3.      I. Rodriguez, C         D. Ortiz, DH
4.      M. Ordonez, RF          M. Ramirez, LF
5.      D. Young, LF            T. Nixon, RF
6.      C. Pena, DH             J. Varitek, C
7.      B. Inge, 3B             R. Petagine, 1B
8.      O. Infante, SS          B. Mueller, 3B
9.      C. Granderson, CF       T. Graffanino, 2B
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