Roberts Coming Back?

The pieces are in place for Dave Roberts to return to Boston.
The first step was taken last week when David Wells openly requested a trade back to the West Coast, while the Padres grinned at the chance of retaining Wells leadership and experience for their club. San Diego is Boomer’s hometown and he wouldn’t block a trade back there for a possible final season. In a quieter move to Sox Nation, the Padres traded Brian Lawrence to the Nats for Vinny Castilla. This opened up a spot in the rotation for any starter…would it be David Wells?
We all know about Dave Roberts legacy and importance in Boston. The guy is a hero, God and model citizen. He stole the biggest base in baseball history, the stolen base that changed everything. Another step was announced today, when Mike Cameron was shipped from the Mets to San Diego for just Xavier Nady. No bullpen pitcher was included. This means Otsuka and Linebrink, two pitchers that could be traded, are still with the Padres.
Even if Damon is resigned, would Roberts rather be the fourth outfielder in San Diego or Boston? The trade of David Wells to the Padres for Roberts and Ostuka makes all the sense in the world for both sides. Towers still has Giles to try to resign, and who knows if he’s comfortable with moving Ryan Klesko to first base. Wells is on San Diego’s radar, and with the loss of Kapler for most of the season, Roberts is on Boston’s.
This is just an idea based partially on a rumor that became public earlier this week. Any thoughts?

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