Rollercoaster of Love….Or something like that.

Wow, this game was all sorts of emotions for us Coyotes fans. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster; it was up and down all night. I wish it would have ended better though. It was a disappointing end to the ride.

It started off fairly well. Carcillo took the opening face off and won. He was out there with Fridge and Doan. They seemed to be putting a lot of pressure on the Wild. Then the Wild score twice and all my hope plummeted.

But then later the Coyotes made a comeback! They got the score up to 4-3 with goals from Lucky Lindstrom, Rhino and Jokinen (who decided to show up for a few minutes tonight). Unfortunately Bryz got sleepy in net, the D broke down and the Wild were able to make it 6-3 to end the game.

Doan seemed to be on every line, why call up both Winnik and Goertzen if you are just going to double shift Doan? It was also obvious that Hale and Yandle do not add up to Sauer. I don’t know if we can survive four weeks without him. The only one I can think of who may be NHL ready is Ahnelov. In the preseason he did really well until he was injured and he was a pretty good stay at home dman.

I spent the game chatting in two different groups. One was my usual group of chatters, which includes the Diva. The other group was over at Hitting the Post so I got a little bit of the Wild fan perspective. Thanks for taking in a way-ward Coyotes fan guys! It was fun. I got a great clip of Fridge doing a “cotton eyed Joe” dance. Hilarious!

Next up is Vancouver. Luongo is going to be back in net for this game. This could go either way. He may be totally rarin’ and ready to go or he may be a little slow. We definitely need to get it together and win this one. This is a radio only broadcast but I will be heading to the Diva’s house to watch it. I’m a mooch. I’m only friends with her so I can watch her CI. 😉

Also, make sure to check out this site. Hilarious stuff! Look for the picture of Simmonds (from the Kings) and be sure to roll over it with you mouse.

And read the Diva’s post as her and I apparently share brainwaves and included the same links (nhLOL and Fridgey dance).

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