Round 1, Game 5: Detroit at Phoenix


Alright, I am feeling a little bit better about last nights loss. It’s not over yet  but game 6 will be difficult. We will be back in Detroit. This is pretty much our third period. A period we have dominated this season, until last night.

Last night we had an ok first (1-0 Detroit) and an awesome 2nd (tied it at 1) but then we fell apart in the third.

Since it was game day, I wore red Pru to work and for the game at a friend’s house. Red Pru now needs to be retired. At least for this next game. He brought Pru some good mojo but not the rest of the team. He will be hanging in the closet for game 6. I am not sure what to wear for game 6 now. I guess it’s back to the plain white jersey?

“You aren’t wearing me Sunday? I do not approve of this..”
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Anyway… back to the game. There were several players who just didn’t have a good game last night. I’m not going to start saying they weren’t trying or be all upset (I slept it off) but they just weren’t quite with it last night. It seems our dmen kind of disappeared last night. Um guys? We need to play D in order to beat them!

The first goal, Fiddy was playing D. I couldn’t even tell you which dmen were out there. I didn’t see them in any of the shots on tv (including several replays). At first I was pissed at Fiddy, since it went in off his skate. But you know what? He’s a forward and he was trying to play D. Where were the D????

Then on another goal, Z was going after the puck in the corner and Jovo just follows him over there, leaving Red Wings free to roam in front of Bryz. We don’t need two dmen in the corner. Help a goalie out!

We need to be on Datsyuk and Zetterberg like white on white. As soon as their butts hit the ice, we should have a guy on them at all times! DO NOT leave them open boys!

Besides D, there were several forwards who just couldn’t get it together last night. Lombo might have been the number one offender. Normally I love Lombo but he just didn’t click last night. Wolski had an off night, Stemps was invisible (I expected more from him this series) and Vrby just couldn’t get the shot off. He was trying but nothing was working for him. Guys… relax! Just play your game and it will happen! You are all trying too hard!

There was one point in the game where several fans stood and looked at the corner. We couldn’t see what was going on but apparently a fight broke out in the stands. From what I heard two Red Wing and two Coyote fans got into a fight. I don’t get why it has to come to this. As Bryz would say, “Is jus a game”.

I also heard several people/fans were seen in handcuffs (one before the game and one was taken out of the game). There was one octopus thrown on the ice and I guess the person got fined for it. Is it really worth it?

And I do have a complaint about a Coyotes fan. I was very disappointed when I saw this during the broadcast. Some Red Wing fans were leaving and there was a Coyote fan (looked to be a teenager, maybe early 20’s) who was flipping them off. You could also see he was saying “fuck you”. Really? Do we need to resort to such low class behavior??

I get trash talk when it’s done in a positive/playful way (I can’t think of a good word here). I get supporting your team. I get being confident in your teams ability. But do we really need to take it to these extremes? The people that commit these acts give all fans bad reps. At the end of the day, we are all hockey fans. We all love the same game. We are all passionate about it. I don’t know. This is how stereotypes and prejudiced develop. We are exposed to a few people that are classless and we lump everyone into that category. I know not all Detroit or Phoenix fans are low class but those are the incidents that stick out, that you remember. *steps off soapbox*

Tomorrow is game 6. This is a must win for the Coyotes. We need to get back to playing defense. We need our Captain back (rumor is he will play in game 6, this is what was hinted at on FS-AZ after last nights game). We need to take some shots on the pp. I know we can do this. Good luck boys, you need to believe in yourself as much as us fans believe in you!

Oh PS can we make Jovo a forward? THAT is when he is most effective. In even strength play, we had him down low and he got in front of the net and got our lone goal of the evening. Jovo as a winger…. has a nice ring to it. 🙂

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