Rumblin’,Stumblin’,Bumblin:The Game; Silver Bullets, Jim Harbaugh Meltdown

The Shoe was pretty loud for the best part of the day on Saturday for The Game. At around the 6:30 mark in the third quarter (TTUN goes up 17 to 7) you could here a pin drop, save for the TTUN contingent attending. Even after another missed field goal, the Buckeyes did not panic and were able to flip momentum ultimately tying the game with one second to go.

Rumblin' Stumblin'

Everyone was thinking the same thing as I, that’s too much time! As fate and a little bit of luck would have it, the Buckeyes won in double OT and have now won 8 straight at home against the arch rival. Let’s get rolling with the good.


The Silver Bullets just reloaded and went right back to work this season playing at a pretty high level all season. I personally haven’t given them enough credit this season and am about to change that!

I am not entirely sure where all of the credit should go so I will spread it out and start with the one consistent person since Urban Meyer arrived in Columbus. Luke Fickell has been everything to the glue that holds this staff together. When you think about the fact that he took the reigns as head coach for one season and has now been the true star of the defense since? It is remarkable. His coaching of the talent that has come through in the last five years along with his aggressive game planning has been crucial.

The addition of Greg Schiano to the staff made things a little easier for Kerry Coombs and the rest of the staff because he has infused some more of the aggressive nature that we have come to know and love. The fact that the secondary as a whole is the best in the country (and it isn’t close statistically) is a testament to his contributions and has shown immediate results.

This group of young players has done everything in their power to show just how talented they are. As most big play offenses go, this defense has hit some pretty good ones this season. You can refer to them as pick-six university now along with linebacker U! They have been able to do what they can because the front seven has been consistent all season. The chip on their shoulder that was TTUN will run all over them came to the forefront Saturday and they proved they have the best defense in the country.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Rumblin’

Scott – JT Barrett in the fourth quarter and OT.

Ryan – Urban Meyer.  5-0 against Michigan.

Jeremy – The Ohio State University Buckeyes crashing the CFP! They will be #2 in all the polls. Have the most impressive resume. Not the conference rep but are Co-Champs of their division

Brad – The Defense for all the criticism Luke Fickell had to take after the 2013 season this guy has recruited & coached several stalwarts for the Silver Bullets since Hooker , McMillan & Baker being among the current core. The addition of Greg Schiano maybe the best hire in college football this season No Group of coaches have been more successful at in game & halftime adjustments than these 2 coordinators.

Drake – The Ohio State defense (a.k.a. The Matte Black Bullets). Held Michigan to 91 yards rushing and 219 passing yards while collecting 1 fumble, 2 interceptions (1 for a TD), 2 sacks, 6 tackles for loss, and generally making life tough on the Wolverine offense. The 3 and out in the 2nd OT was absolutely crucial to the win.


Jim Harbaugh has an opportunity to be a good head coach but he lacks the skills to bring them to the front. Let me be clear, I think for the most part he is a pretty good guy when it comes to X’s and O’s but his personality ruins it for him.

He could have been the guy that comes to the podium and says all the right things about the better team won today and he has great respect for his opponent and what they accomplished. That’s not in his nature, but what is in his nature is to deflect responsibility. He has always been good at doing that over the years and even though he left Stanford for the Niners, he would have been out of a job there because of it.

In some cases over the years when he has had these types of melt-downs I have often wondered if it was how his father explained things away. Thinking about it more, I believe he is a momma’s boy and these issues are from her convincing him as a young child it was never his fault when he failed. Someone else will always be to blame in his mind and the $10,000 the B1G fined him won’t change a thing.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Stumblin’

Scott – OSU special teams play.

Ryan – Jim Harbaugh.  0-2 against Ohio State.

Jeremy – TTUN in November. They came back down to earth some after leaving the friendly confines of Ann Arbor

Brad – The officiating for both sides were horrendous.

Drake – Jimmy Harbaugh. I have long been a believer that teams will act and perform like their coaches. Harbaugh is completely unhinged and his team tends to emulate that in tight games. The demeanor of the team completely changed after he lost it and picked up the penalty. I noticed his players spending a lot of time after plays talking to officials. Harbaugh’s comments after the game were echoed on Twitter by his players after the game. If your players don’t understand why they really lost he game, they can’t improve in tight games. Close 2nd place: Ohio State’s offensive line.


I really struggled this week with what to go with here. It will be difficult for me to throw the officiating crew under the bus because I know one of them, but at the same time they are already under the bus thanks to Jim Harbaugh and the TTUN fans. I won’t add fuel to the fire but I will go after those fans who are making themselves look pretty stupid.

After the events of yesterday on Campus and what the student body went through during it, I can assure you anyone with a soul was keeping them in their thoughts and prayers. There were some soulless fans who made stupid remarks on social media and they got what they deserved which was hounded into submission.

The fact that there is a growing contingent of fans who believe that a petition to Jim Delany will actually work has me laughing. It’s a good thing because I needed a good laugh today! The facts of the case are this, you have no case! The B1G supervisor of officials has already reviewed the film with the crew and the crew has already self critiqued themselves from it.

It is all part of every process that happens every weekend and must be completed by Tuesday in most cases. Trust me, the officials do not get to say that they did a good job. They have to justify every flag they did or din’t throw during the game and put it in writing. If Delany or the supervisor of officials thought there was anything wrong with the crew, that would have come out Saturday night.

I wish the delusional fans the best of luck(NOT) and hope their journey is fun.

Let’s see what the staff has to say about the Bumblin’

Scott – B1G officials. Missed calls on both sides.

Ryan – Jabrill Peppers showing his true colors and shoving a fan on the field.  Emotions are high, I get it.  Don’t turn the kid around and push him, even if he may or may not have said anything.

Jeremy – (Tie) B1G refs for blown calls during game (both teams have gripes) and Jim Harbaugh for his costly penalty while throwing a temper tantrum and giving his team the example to follow on social media

Brad – Jim Harbaugh & Majority of Michigan Fan base Nobody job you out of anything. The officials didn’t fumble at the 2 yard line , threw a pick 6 or an interception they also didn’t jump offsides or throw a clipboard to midfield because they didn’t like an offsides call. Now their going to play the conspiracy theory that the B1G rigged the game . give me a break.

Drake – I have been beating the drum loudly and repeatedly all season about how awful the B1G officiating has been. They were once again awful in The Game. I can understand college kids (I’m looking at you, Tyler Durbin) blowing it in big games. Officials are paid to be there and be competent. There were a number of calls on both sides of the ball that were either missed or blown. And no, Michigan fans, the first down by Joe Thomas Barrett in the 2nd OT was NOT one of them. The B1G cannot claim to be the best conference in the country if their officiating is, at best, mediocre. FIX YOUR OFFICIATING PROBLEM, BIG TEN.

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