Sabres 2, Coyotes 0

I don’t feel like writing much so here are some quick hits:

I wish Jokinen had been invisible last night. He made himself quite visible by making mistake after mistake.

There were two and a half fights. I say half because what would have been Carcillo’s second fight was stopped by the refs. Carcillo and Stevie G both had some great fights.

Ryan Miller was on last night. *sigh* why can’t we have him instead of Bryz?

Buffalo fans are terrible. They were yelling “You can’t score” as they were leaving the arena. We were walking over to Bar Louie and a group looked at us and went, “Did the Coyotes play tonight?” so I flipped them off. I was sick of it at that point. They aren’t that great of a team and they did not beat us like 10-0. Grow up Buffalo fans, grow up. I have been a visiting fan in other arenas and do not act like that. If I see another fan of my team I may go, “Great game” or something but I never rub it in the other fans faces.

Well, that is all I have to say.

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