Sacramento Kings Assistant GM Mike Bratz talks Rodney Hood, Aaron Gordon

Chris Mullin, Mike Bratz and Pete D'Alessandro watch today's pre-draft workout in Sacramento. (Photo: Jason Wise/

The Sacramento Kings brought a handful of second-round to undrafted prospects in for a workout Saturday morning. Kyle Casey (Harvard), Jarell Eddie (Virginia Tech), C.J. Fair (Syracuse), Joe Jackson (Memphis), JaKarr Sampson (St. John’s) and Xavier Thames (San Diego State) came into town to showcase their talents. Following the workout, Kings assistant GM Mike Bratz spoke with media for a few minutes and discussed where they are in the draft process so far.

  • Rodney Hood of Duke was supposed to take part in Saturday’s workout, but pulled out at the last minute. His visit has yet to be rescheduled according to Bratz. “We’ve been in touch with his agent and we are going to get him in, I think,” Bratz said.
  • Aaron Gordon made an unannounced visit to Sacramento following their first two pre-draft workouts on June 2. The 18-year-old forward recapped his visit to Sacramento in his draft diary for SLAM Online. Here was Bratz’s description of Gordon’s visit and as well as his thoughts on the former Wildcat’s upside as an NBA player. “He didn’t do much in the workout,” Bratz said. “He just did some light shooting. But I’ve watched Aaron play quite a few times this year, so I’m real familiar with his game. He’s a terrific athlete, one of the best in the draft. He’s very young. I think he’s going to be a great player so, we’ll see what happens with him.”
  • Gordon is projected as a power forward in the NBA by most pundits. What positions does Bratz think the former Wildcat can guard when he gets to the league? “I think initially the three,” Bratz said. “But he’s gonna gain strength and weight and he’ll be able to defend both spots.”
  • With the NBA Draft less than two weeks way, the Kings have hosted just four pre-draft workouts. Bratz says they plan on having a few more ahead of the draft, including maybe a few return visits by prospects who’ve already come into town.
  • Bratz on the challenge of getting players to come in and workout: “It’s a challenge. Obviously, we have No. 8, so there’s a pool of players that we’ve had in, looking at that spot. We don’t have a second round pick as of right now. We’re very interested in obtaining one, but as of right now, we don’t. Several of these players would be in that mix in the second round. We have to convince their agents that we are serious about these players and we do want to take a look at them and that’s why the guys are here today.”
  • Bratz says that the senior class of this year’s draft is “pretty strong”. He believes there will be players who have a real shot of earning a roster spot even if they aren’t picked in the draft. “I think this year’s draft you’ll see a lot of guys go undrafted that still have a chance to make teams,” Bratz said. “And so it’s real important that we get a look at guys who maybe go undrafted as well, so that we’re ready if they fit in our program (and) we can get them.”
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