Sacramento Kings fans launch #HereWeBuy initiative


Somewhere along the way, Sacramento became the social media capital of the world.  It’s used Twitter and Facebook for everything from Wine Wednesday to saving its lone professional sports team from leaving town.  While most people wait for breaking news or to socialize with friends, Sacramento has mastered the art of mobilizing through social media.  And today they are at it again.

Here We Buy was launched this morning by local radio personality Carmichael Dave.  What is it exactly?  It’s a website where fans and businesses can go and pledge their support by signing up for either season tickets or corporate sponsorships if a new ownership group will be allowed to buy the team.

“This is vital to Sacramento,” Dave told Cowbell Kingdom.  “Finally fans have the ability to truly show their support and most importantly tell the NBA (and new owners) that this market is still rabid.   The misconception is that Sacramento has failed in its efforts, when the reality is that the owners have failed Sacramento.”

It’s a novel idea.  The approach should have a dual effect.  Sacramento can show the NBA that they are still very engaged with the Kings, just not under current ownership, and it creates a database for Mayor Kevin Johnson to show to a potential buyer or the NBA Board of Governors.

In roughly an hour, the social media driven campaign came up with over a million dollars in season-ticket pledges and it didn’t stop there.

“As I am talking to you, we have over $3 million (in ticket pledges), well on our way to $4 million,” Dave said.  “It’s a great start.  What people can’t see from the counter on the front page (of the website) are the businesses.  Wait ’til we start rolling out all the businesses that want to get involved with Kings 2.0.  It will blow your mind.”

With another day of highs and lows, the Sacramento fans are in it to win it.

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