Saints Nation: Catching Up with Total Titans

I caught up with Andrew Strickert of the Tennessee Titans’ blog “Total Titans” here on the bloguin network and got a chance to ask him a few questions leading up to the game on Friday. Let me first say that the Titans blocker clearly has a great first name, this much is obvious. He also runs a great blog for the Titans over there so make sure you check it out. See below the 5 questions he was kind enough to take the time to answer:


1. Andrew, can you tell us how the Titans plan to approach this final preseason game?
This will be the ‘dress rehearsal’ game for the Titans; most of the starters will play the entire first half and a series or two in the second half. They’ll be pretty conservative. you won’t see anything wild.

2. Vince Young has had a very up and down career. How are you guys feeling about him as your QB these days? Still think he can lead you to the promised land?
Vince showed a lot of improvement last year after a lot of people had just about written him off. While there are some fans who take extreme views on both sides (VY can do no wrong / VY is a bust) most are optimistic. I’m rooting for him to continue his improvement but I have no delusions he’ll ever be an elite QB.
3. As an opposing team, what is your perception of the Saints? We’ve been the laughing stock of the league for so long that this is definitely a different hat to wear as defending Super Bowl champion. Is there the same intimidation factor that you get going up against the Colts or Patriots in the past, or do you view them as just another challenging opponent?
First of all, I love your DC, Gregg Williams, who used to be our DC before he got a head coaching gig with Buffalo. I’ve had a healthy respect for the Saints, especially for the last 3-4 years. Actually, they’ve been a pretty good team for about the last 10 years or so. While I’m not as familiar with the Saints as I am with the Colts and Patriots, they are just as challenging, or would be if this was a regular season game.
4. Who do you think is a better coach, honestly, between Jeff Fisher and Sean Payton?
If Fisher gets fired Payton would be a guy I’d have on my shortlist. I doubt if we’ll get that lucky. Fisher’s act has started to get old with some fans. I’m not a Fisher fan and if I had my druthers, I’d rather have Payton (as well as about a dozen other guys.)
5. Tell Saints fans what to expect from the Titans as a team. Obviously the team starts with Chris Johnson, but what are their strengths and weaknesses? Anything that the average fans might not know?
The team you’re most familiar with that resembles the Titans is probably Carolina. Fisher and John Fox have similar philosophies — run the ball, win with good defense and special teams. Strengths (besides the running game)  — the offensive tackles and defensive line (maybe.) Weaknesses — the passing game and pass defense. The Titans have some good young defensive tackles that are coming into their own. I’m looking forward to seeing how Jason Jones fares against Evans. Look to see a swarming defense from the front seven, particularly the front four.


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