Saints Nation Guru #1 – Vikings


It starts! Another season for the Saints, another season for the Guru.
Join us in the fun, leave your reply, win the Saints Nation Guru for the week and climb the leaderboard. If you are at the top once the Saints are done playing you win $50. Put it in your agenda, every Thursday you will find this post on the Saints Nation Blog! Or contact me and I will send you a reminder e-mail. Check out how in this post.

Last week I did a practice run at the guru and a couple of you answered. Thanks for that!

The correct answers: No, there was no shut-out by the defense. No, the Saints had not more then 4 but only 1 sack. There was only 1 touchdown and despite my best hopes Dorenbos never made the ball disappear. Thank you to Tim Pearson who answered Yes to this question! Expect the in season questions to be a bit more serious. Lutz scored 7 points, 1 PAT and 2 Field Goals. That means last weeks practice Guru winner is Micheal Stolfi with 3 correct answers. Glad to see you back bro! You get the honor of being the winner of this years inaugural Practice Guru for an entire year.

This week; the real thing! Here we go! Answer me these questions five!

  1. What Saints player records the most sacks (if any)?
  2. What Saints RB will rush for the most yardage?
  3. What Saints RB will catch the most passes?
  4. What is the number of touchdowns Drew Brees will throw?
  5. What will the final score be?
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