Saints Nation Guru #4 – Dolphins


Wow what team was that!? I tell you who… The team I will be seeing live in Wembley next week. So excited to finally see the Saints play in real life. Hopefully in the Dome next year. Lets hope the Saints finally found some identity for themselves. Cam (newton) was bad, yes, but the reason for that was the Saints defense. Crawley was playing very good. Lets see how they do verses Cutler. Remember this game kicks off 14:30 UK time; Set your alarm clocks!

Last weeks answers; I did not count them but I did see Kikaha a lot in this game. So I’ll go ahead and say Yes he played more then 10 snaps. Crawley was definitely active. Maybe his not being active made him perform so great. Ingram had 86 yards combined. If Kamara had not stopped running on the pass-play he could have beaten that. Cam Newton got sacked 4 times. I myself had 5. If he had stayed in it should have been 5. One more reason to hate him other then the obvious reasons. Finally, the tie-breaker; the Saints defense allowed 362 yards (213 passing, 149 rushing).

There were 3 people with 3 correct answers. Mateus is one but did not win. If Andrew had not felt so depressed and put in a better Tie-Breaker answer then a 500+ game he might have the Guru this week. Instead if is Saints nations very own Chris Smith who was off by only 13 yards.

The Falcons cup has been won by El Imanov this week! He was a tad too optimistic having the Saints only allow 280 yards. This makes El Imanov one of the select few who lead in the Guru AND the Falcons cup at the same time! Andrew do we have any stats on that?

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

  1. Micheal L Stolfi
    El Imanov
    Chris Smith

Falcons Cup

  1. Joseph Lopez
    Andrew Juge
    El Imanov

I would love it if you would get your friends and partners involved in this game. So share and retweet! Here are your next weeks questions;

  1. Does Kikaha have a sack again?
  2. Will Ken Crawley be listed as a starter?
  3. Does Kamara score his second regular season Touchdown?
  4. Which Saints player gets the most yards receiving?
  5. How many touches will Peterson get?


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