Saints Nation Guru #6 – Lions

Bye week gone. Up to the next team. They lost vs. a team, the Panthers, we just won against. I hope that game got the Saints a lot of information. Still, they lost. They’ll be wanting to take a win out of NOLA. Let’s hope they choke again and go down in history as the most snubbed team ever.

Just get a W here. Lets go above .500 for the first time in, what is it… 3 or 4 years?

This is the leaderboard; and these are the questions:

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

  1. 2 Guru title:
    Micheal L. Stolfi (2)
  2. 1:
    El Imanov
    Chris Smith

Falcons Cup

  1. 1 Falcons cup:
    Joseph Lopez
    Andrew Juge
    Micheal L. Stolfi
    Tim Pearson

The questions:

  1. Do the Saints win?
  2. Which (Saints or Lions) QB will have the most yards passing?
  3. Will the Saints turn over the ball in this game (INT or Fumble)?
  4. Which Saints player will get the most tackles? Bonus Question; How many tackles will that be?
  5. Tie-Breaker: What is the total yards of offense; Saints & Lions combined?