Saints Nation Guru #7 – Packers


So… from the craziest game ever (for as far as I remember) to the best timed game ever versus a powerhouse. The Packers are probably at their worst this game. A new QB, injured Tackles from that I hear. If there ever was an opportunity to strike at Lambeau it is now! Let’s hope the Saints are not complacent. But if anything should have warned them that the game is not won until it is over is the 28 unanswered points they let Detroit put up on them. Yes that is as much as the Falcons did in the Super Bowl. Sometimes things just fall your way. Brees has had his bad game, at least a half, and it did not cost us a W.

Oh I want to mention one thing. The media SUCKS! I have no time to watch NFL network as much, but Monday I watched it to hear some comments on this insane game. It was like the Saints did not even play. The best defensive performance of any team this season and all they showed was Jordan intercepting and dunking. Now I know why the Saints do not go to pro-bowls and top 100. Fuck the media! Make them pay attention!

On to the Guru. Yes the Saints won, but since they ran a lot it was Stafford who threw the most (312 yrd vs 186 yrd). Did the Saints turn the ball over? Yes (*cough* Bullshit *cough*), yes and Yes for 6. Ugh. Why must you do that Saints? The leading Tackler was Robertson with 11 and it was not even close! Finally the total yards of offense is Saints: 186 passing & 193 rushing; Lions: 281 passing & 66 rushing. That is a total of 726 yards.

The winner of the weekly Guru title is Mateus João Feldhaus. He was the only one to say the Saints lose. But he was also the only one to say Stafford would pass more. With 750 yards he was the closest to the total yardage.

Funnily there were 2 QBs named that did not play. Saints is not a QB. Nor do I ever have to see a QB named Beers. However there were a few with only 1 correct answer. The one furthest off with the tie-breaker was El Imanov. He gets the Falcons cup. Since the Falcons blew a 17-0 lead and have 20 unanswered scored against them, this one is bearable this week.

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

2 Micheal L. Stolfi
1 El Imanov
Chris Smith
Mateus João Feldhaus

Falcons Cup

1 Joseph Lopez
Andrew Juge
Micheal L. Stolfi
Tim Pearson
El Imanov

The questions:

  1. How many Sacks do the Saints get?
  2. Will the Saints get at least 2 turnovers (INT or Fumble)?
  3. How many Touchdowns will the Saints get?
  4. Will the Saints defense allow over 300 yards of offense?
  5. Tie-Breaker: Sum of all yards the Saints kicker makes on field goals (no PATs). Example; 2 FGs; 39y and 45y = 84.
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