Saints Nation Guru Week 13 vs Lions


For the record I want to congratulate the NFL on their director who had numerous shots of Gregg Williams after TDs… and there were a lot of them! I loved every moment of it and it made this victory so much more sweeter.
So second home game in a row where the Lions are coming to the Dome after a home game that got everybody excited! They are doomed. … or are they?

Last weeks answers; Yes there was a special teams screw-up (fumble by Lewis) and there also was a turnover by Brees (fumble), though I wonder if any human being can holdon to the ball if you get hit that way. So Yes to question 2. The Saints had 1 penalty called against a safety, and that is Banjo who was instrumental to … well I got nothing. just wanted to make the pun haha. It was on special teams (like Vaccaro last week). There were 7 total PATs made. None had that much. The tie-breaker answer is 26… 18 yards returned on kickoffs and 8 on punts. So bad!

There was only 1 person who had 3 right. I would have sworn it was me but I was off just a bit on nearly all questions. The winner of the Guru title is TimPearson1. Finally! Congratulations. This means one more name in the winners list. ElImanov is still in the lead but the competition is tough!
For the Falcons cup there were about 7 people who had 1 question correct. There were 4 people who were really really close to each other on the Tie-breaker. 79, 80, 81 and 82. CharlieB721 was the unlucky bastard to be the one with 82. He is now in tied second place right behind Own The Falcons.

The leaderboards look like this:

The Guru:
ElImanov – 2
jdup22 – 1
ultimatenyg – 1
painstakingly – 1
SaintsNation – 1
Own The Falcons – 1
mateusjf – 1
Monedula_ – 1
TimPearson1 – 1

The Falcons cup:
Own The Falcons – 3
ElImanov – 2
CharlieB721 – 2
Monedula_ – 1
mateusjf – 1
Eliza18s – 1
kindtorcher  – 1

This weeks questions; Defense has been awesome. Let’s focus on the positive:

  1. How many turnovers do the Saints get?
  2. Who leads the Saints in tackles?
  3. Does the defense score?
  4. How many Sacks do the Saints get?
  5. What is the total yards allowed by the defense?
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