Saints Nation Guru – Week 2 @ Browns


The turnout last week was awesome! We had a record of 23 people participating. Keep coming back and bring your friends! Check out the rest of our blog as well. We do have awesome writers!

We have a winner from last week. It is @Jdup22! He answered 2 questions correct (Q3, Q4)  and was closest to 4.6 (4.61) yards per carry for Mark Ingram. For the record, only @andrewjuge had Q1 correct (0 INTs) and nobody had Q2 correct (Tyruun Walker with the first sack).

The leaderboard this week is simple:

@Jdup22 with 1.

Answer this weeks questions and join in the race to win $50 at the end of the season. Read about the rules here.

  1. Will the Saints give up points on the first drive? Yes / No. (This question will stay in each week till they do)
  2. How many runs longer than 10 yards will we see from the Saints?
  3. Who will lead the Saints in tackling?
  4. The Saints will recover a fumble by the Browns? Yes / No.
  5. Tie-Breaker: How many yards will the Saints allow passing?


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