San Francisco Giants Game Log: San Francisco at San Diego (4/19/05)

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” by Kevin. Feeling left out, Kevin did a live game log of the Giants vs. Padres really late at night. Kevin is from Hawaii, and luckily is not fat like his famous fellow state residents.

9:04 PM: It’s 9 Oclock, past many peoples bedtimes, but not too late for a little West Coast baseball. The Giants are in San Diego playing the Dads at Petco Park. I’m doing this gamelog by myself for a number of reasons: One, I am the only west coast baseball fan out here in the Midwest, so I have no die hard Padres fans to bicker with. Two, I am probably the only one in the Midwest watching this game right now. I purchased the baseball package on my dish to watch the Giants bullpen blow games late, to watch the devil rays, blue jays, and nationals, and to jinx no hitters that aren’t on national television (for example, my jinx of Odalis Perez last night.) And, Steve and Ryan did a little game long, so I feel inclined to do something similar about my Giants that no one will read.

9:08 PM: Omar Vizquel just hit a triple! It was almost an inside the park home run, but oh well, I’ll take it. Looks like the Giants have a lot of injuries with Lance Niekro, Michael Tucker, and Pedro Feliz in the lineup. Snow, Alou, and Bonds are all hurt.

9:10 PM: I knew it! The Giants hold Vizquel at third and then collect two consecutive ground outs, without scoring a run. Looks like its going to be a looooong night.

9:12 PM: Look who it is! Jerome Williams pitching for the Giants. Straight out of my home state of Hawaii. He is on our list of celebrities that are from Hawaii, including Jack Johnson, Akebono, Benny Agbayani, and the Rock. Williams is lucky he’s here right now, almost getting killed in bitter ethnic island gang wars. The last time I saw him pitch was when I went to St. Louis for a Sunday getaway game, where Bonds and Pujols were benched, and Williams walked the bases loaded before giving up a bases clearing double. Williams then got hurt for the rest of the season. That was way too much information, but we all know people like to talk about themselves.

San Francisco Giants Game Log: San Francisco at San Diego (4/19/05)Akebono…Making Fat Hawaiians Proud Everyday

9:14 PM: Brain Giles just hit a 400 foot fly out to left field. Gotta love Petco Park…the reason the Dads didn’t make the playoffs last year and wont this year either.

9:16 PM: Don’t worry, once the Giants fall behind in this game I wont be writing something every two minutes. Edgardo Alfonzo is batting .455! But he just flew out. I’m scared to think what the Giants record would be if he was hitting his normal .211.

9:24: Web Gem! Omar Vizquel is good for something. Sorry for the delay, my buddy Brendan called me to discuss tonight’s Amazing Race episode…the 70 year old couple made it to the final four! I can now die a happy man.

9:26: Its not even a half hour into the game and the Giants are already down 1-0 on a Blum single. These Dads are good. And Lance Niekro just let a ball bounce of his chest, which will probably be an error. He’s no JT Snow. Which is true, because Neikro hits homers too.

9:32: I just spent the commercial break between the second and third innings discussing fantasy baseball with Steve. Here’s a glimpse:
Steve: haha
Steve: I just picked up Clint Barnes
Steve: go Rockies!
Kevin: screw you
Steve: ?
Kevin: i was going to pick him up soon, I hate you
Barnes will now go on to have a 45 home run, 130 rbi season

9:35: This game is being broadcast by FSN Bay Area. Finally, some biased announcers for my team! This is the joy of not being forced to watch games on TBS or WGN. Chip Carey, Skip Carey, Steve Stone, DJ and Hawk…there is nothing more annoying than listening to a biased announcer obsess over a team you don’t like.

9:41: Another web gem! I would tell you what happened, but it is much less exciting in writing.

9:46: Omar Vizquel gets a single! I am sensing the cycle…anyone with me? Is it sad the middle of the Giants lineup went from Bonds and Alou in spring training to Neikro and Feliz now? I think so. Feliz just got a 10 foot hit…who needs power to replace Bonds.

9:48: I love Edgardo Alfonzo, even if I would have thrown a huge party had the Giants traded him in the off-season. An RBI single to tie the game at one in the 4th makes everything okay.

9:51: Michael Tucker hits an RBI single and Feliz scores. And the Giants take the lead! I knew my bitter pessimism would cause the Giants to perform. Oh crap its only the fourth. The Giants bullpen will blow it (I’m half being serious, half trying to squeeze a few more runs out of the Giants this inning). Steve is going to be mad I just got two hits, two runs, and an rbi this inning from my two fantasy Giants: Alfonzo and Feliz. We are facing each other this week in fantasy baseball. Steve is going down this week in fantasy. I wish that were true, but Randy Johnson lost…to the Devil Rays.

San Francisco Giants Game Log: San Francisco at San Diego (4/19/05)Speaking of Famous Hawaiians here is Israel Kamakaiwahole, known as Braddah Iz. One of the best Hawaiian vocalists ever, he died because he was too fat. He is famous for his Hawaiian rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which you have all probably heard.

10:00: The Dads just got a double from Nevin and then an RBI bloop single over Niekro’s head at first. Jerome “The Hawaiian” Williams needs to step it up…the reputation of the state is riding on his shoulders.

10:03: Oh Geez. Geoff Blum hits an RBI double for the Dads. Is there anything this guy cant do? I go to the Cubs-Dads game last week, and Blum hits two home runs in his first game of the season. Now 2-2 with an 2 RBIs against my Giants. I have a new nemesis.

10:13: That was a twenty minute half inning…I spent most of it thinking about how this season is going to feel even longer.

10:05: Oh Geez, Burroughs hits an RBI single. 4-2 Dads. Maybe if I stop watching the bleeding will stop.

10:15: Jerome Williams final rap sheet: 4 IP, 4 ER. For some reason Yahoo! says he just pitched 7 innings giving up 5 runs, and Lawrence just pitched 8.1 innings giving up 4….but we are only in the 5th inning…..reminds me of the time Yahoo! told me the Bulls beat the Cavs 49-48….when that was just the score at halftime. Go Yahoo! Sports!

10:22: What a treat! The Giants brought in Jeff Fassero. Jeff is 42, and was born in Springfield, IL in 1963. I can see his grey hair…and I don’t even have HD TV. Yet he is pitching better than 24 year old Jerome Williams

10:29: I jinxed Fassero. Here’s that great Giants bullpen! AN RBI triple by Hernandez (On Ryan’s fantasy team) scores Klesko, and gives the Dads a 5-2 lead. By the next time I write something it should be 8-2.

10:38: To my surprise, the Giants got out of the inning only giving up one run. In the top of the 6th Tucker hit a blast to right field. But since we are playing in Petco, it landed 10 feet short of the fence. I told you I would say a lot less once we got to the Giants bullpen and they were los
ing. I think I’m going to go take a nap until the Giants score their next run. If it never happens, hope you enjoyed the post.

(The Next Day)

2:15 PM: So the Giants lost 5-2. Their bullpen only gave up one run! But the Padres bullpen didn’t give up any. Welcome to life without Bonds. By the way, that nap was glorious.

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