Sauer: Will he return?

While exploring the Coyotes website I came across a short piece by Dave Vest on Kurt Sauer. If you remember, Kurt was having vertigo-like symptoms since the start of the season. Sadly, he did not play this year but was seen at several games and fan events. He is truly a good guy and I hope he is able to return next season.

According to Vest’s blurb, Sauer feels he is doing better. He has found a doctor who may be able to stop the headaches and ear ringing. He hopes to be back for training camp. He knows he has got a big summer ahead of him. I know he can do it, so long as he is healthy. Coyotes fans wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing him at camp.


In other sad news, the Coyotes team massage therapist, Jukka Nieminen, has passed away. He was only 37 and was to be married on Saturday. Our thoughts and prayers are with his fiance, children and the rest of his family.

Click here to read Todd Walsh’s short but touching article.

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