Scared for life

Scared for life
Scared for life

Say you are making out with your girlfriend on a Friday night after a high school football game. The front of your 1993 Honda accord is heating up, all of the sudden you girlfriend goes into shock and then dies. Well this happened last week in Canada, when a boy kissed his girlfriend after eating a peanut butter sandwich.

(Montreal, Canada-AP) Dec. 1, 2005 – An allergist in Canada says friends and relatives of a teen-aged girl should have been told about her peanut allergy.
A friend of the Canadian teenager who died because of an allergic reaction to peanuts last week says others who knew Christina Desforge didn’t know about her allergy. That includes her boyfriend.
Desforges’ allergy was triggered after she kissed her boyfriend, who had eaten a peanut-butter sandwich.
A Montreal allergist says the case is very rare, and says the allergy reaction varies greatly from person to person.
A memorial for Desforge was held Saturday. There’s an autopsy being performed Wednesday.
About one and a-half million Americans are severely allergic to peanuts. Peanut allergies account for 50 to 100 deaths in the United States each year.

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