Scrimmage #3 notes

Found this online – one guy’s unofficial take on the scrimmage on Friday, 4/9/05. Interesting:

Watched the scrimmage this morning. There were about 300 people (cold & cloudy). A few of my amateur observations…

1) Wally Dada took quite a few reps at the safety position. Depending on what happens with guys getting in, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see him playing there some next year behind Abdullah and Frampton.

2) The defense looked much better this week. In years past, the speed was obvious on the defensive side, but this year’s unit stands out for its size (IMO). The front-4 are all 6-5 or taller, and the front-7 are physical – the weight room work is apparent.

3) I was concerned early, as Rogers & the 2nd-unit completed a nice pass and then Collins bowled over 3 1st-unit defenders on his way to a near 20-yard gain, but the D stepped it up as the practice went on.

4) Collins could be a very nice compliment as the FB to Harrison. He had several physical runs from the RB position, including the last play of the scrimmage when he ran around the corner for a 30-yard TD, plowing over Dada at the goal line.

5) Harrison had a sportscenter-type highlight run of the day against the 1st-unit. He started left, then reversed his field and raced through and by defenders (with good WR blocks) for a near 50-yard TD scamper. Reminded me of Reggie Bush and ‘SC this year – Harrison looking like he was playing on another level, and our D helplessly waving at air.

6) Frampton made a nice pick against Rogers (on a blitz) and returned it for about a 40-yard TD.

7) The TE’s early were unstoppable with Brink throwing pitcture-perfect passes to them. Bienemann especially looked uncoverable. However, Boyd gave a bad flashback to last year as he dropped a perfect throw from Rogers over the middle in the endzone – the ball going through his hands, off his chest, and to the ground. Other than that, he did make some nice grabs too – but you gotta have that TD catch.

8) Prator caught a couple of nice balls (one that should have been a TD), but also had a long-ball go through his hands in which he seemed to have trouble adjusting – should have been at least a 30-yard gain. Martin did the same thing.

9) With Hill & Jordan out, Bumpus, Harvey, & Prator started with the 1st-unit.

10) Jason Roberts played today. Looked physical and athletic. He & Bobo look good, while Graise again looked athletic (just needs more size).

11) Basler had a couple of great punts that could have been downed inside the 5 but our guys kicked the balls into the endzone. Also had a poor kick out of his endzone that gave the ball to the O inside the 40.

12) Langley was his usual inconsistent self. He squeeked a 47-yard FG over the bar, but also missed a couple around the 30-yard variety.

13) Bumpus had nice 40ish-yard punt-return.

14) Rogers threw a beautiful bomb to Scott Selby for a TD, throwing a spiral 55-60 yards into the endzone, where Selby outjumped the DB’s for the score. Rogers had some good throws, but for the most part struggled today – the D seemed like it was forcing him to throw too early.

15) I would say the O & D-line’s squared off to a push. The line gave some good pass protection and opened some decent holes at times, while at other times the D got some good pressure on the QB and clogged things up on the ground.

16) Ward didn’t have nearly the day he did last week. He did beat Brackenridge over the middle which could have been a catch-&-run for a possible score, but dropped the ball.

17) There was good energy on the field. The defense at least seemed a lot more enthusiastic this time.

18) I’m stating the obvious, but after sitting out today due to the hamstring injury, it was more apparent than ever – Jason Hill makes a huge difference.

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