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In anticipation of opening night in Cleveland, the Red’s Army staff will make their predictions for how the 17-18 season will transpire. Yesterday, we all gave a different answer for who the most surprising player will be on the Celtics, and today we’ll do the exact same thing in answering who will disappoint fans the most. Another vague question asked of our staff, and you’ll notice we all took different approaches in answering it. For a player to disappoint, how lofty must their expectations be coming into the season? Here’s how we all went about answering:


John Karalis — Terry Rozier

I feel like he’s going to be called upon to be the third ballhandler for this team and it won’t go particularly well. I can’t even put my finger on it… this is more of a hunch than anything.


Mike Dynon — Guerschon Yabusele

The Dancing Bear is already a cult figure, and it’s not that I expect him to fail, but with James Young gone it’s hard to decide who might disappoint. Expectations are fairly high for Yabu; however, unless he proves he can hit from outside (which he has not yet in preseason), he won’t get enough playing time to contribute significantly in Boston this season. (The Red Claws will love him, though.)


Ben Mark — Jaylen Brown 

This is a difficult question because there are plenty of good vibes on this team, but as we’ve seen with Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier, the “second year leap” is often more of a small step forward. I think Jaylen will still struggle to develop a consistent outside shot, and guard switches effectively. It’s going to be a work in progress, and while I think we’ll see even more flashes from Brown, the high expectations may leave some disappointed. 


KJ Kourafas — Aron Baynes


Liam Green — Abdel Nader 

I could’ve easily said Shane Larkin, but no one expects much from him other than competent backup play, which he’ll probably provide. Nader, meanwhile, is a bit of cypher. I think he won’t be horrible but I really don’t know why they locked him up for for years.

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