Season Preview/Prediction Part 1

This season should prove to be a good one for the coyotes. We have some really great returning talent, a lot of young guys fighting for spots, and Maloney’s off-season acquisitions seem to be great additions.
I am working on my predictions/previews by positions. The easiest was goalie, so that will be my first installment below. I have started the forwards, so expect that one next, but it may not be until next week that it gets up. This may be a slow process, hang with me.
I believe we will make the playoffs this year. I think it will end up like last year, where we are competing for a spot with a few other teams. It will be a tight but exciting race and the Coyotes will slip into one of the 8 spots.

Mucha was sent back to his junior team. He has skill and drive but he isn’t quite NHL ready. With Tordjman and Montoya, he won’t have much of a chance making it in SA. Also, I am not sure he is to the AHL level yet. He looked pretty good in the rookie game, but I need to see more of him.
Obviously Bryz will be our starter. I think that Telly will start the year as back up and probably be traded by the deadline. Tordjman and Montoya will be in SA fighting for who gets the spot freed up by Telly’s trade. I don’t think it would be good for Tordjman to back up Bryz. He needs to keep playing because he has the talent to be a great NHL goalie but needs the playing time.
I haven’t seen enough of Montoya yet but I believe he is in the same place as Tordjman. He will make a great NHLer but needs a year playing, not sitting. Splitting time in the AHL will serve Montoya and Tordjman well. It will also be healthy competition. Eventually we will probably need to trade one of them but I am guessing that won’t happen until the 09-10 season. I am thinking Montoya will be traded at that time. If Telly isn’t traded this season, Montoya will be.
Gistedt is a little more difficult for me to determine what will happen with him. This is mostly because I don’t know where he would need to play if he doesn’t make the Coyotes. Can we assign him to the Sundogs or does he need to go back to Frolunda? Frolunda was not the best situation for him last season, so I am hoping he can be the starter for the Sundogs. That will give him plenty of playing time and time to adjust to the North American players.

My next entry should be the forwards, but I am going to practice on Friday and there is a home game Saturday so those entries might slip in here before I get the forwards done!

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