Saturday will mark the 12th game–or second season–with little Alex at the helm of the sinking good ship Cougar.

After hearing nary a word about the Quarterback position from the coaches, I am left with one conclusion: CAL’s upset loss to the Beavs–where the Beavs’s Bernard ran for 187–left the coaches with the impression that the season is still salvagable with a win this weekend.

With that line of reasoning, it makes a little sense to stay the course and see what happens in Berkeley this Saturday night.

That all said, after we lose, and after another poor showing against CAL–AND YOU CAN BET THAT CAL WON’T WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND HALF TO STACK THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE–Brink’s continued presence in the lineup may reallymake me write off my favorite sports team in the history of ever.

Again, Saturday marks the second season for Alex. We really should see him turn the corner right now.

Hawk told me on Sunday that every single bowl team we’ve seen had a junior or senior quarterback starting. Well, Brink may be a sophomore, but he red-shirted a year and now has a full season’s worth of experience behind center. In other words, he’s a junior now–all the way.

THIS is the week for him to step forward. And if he fails, and the coaches stay the course, then I am off the bandwagon until I can recruit and organize the Brinkhater nation to take over Cougworld.

Go Seahawks.

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