Semyon Varlamov will drag the Avs through this season

Last night it was a big case of good news-bad news for the Colorado Avalanche. The good news was that they won, 3-1 on  the road after a very tough loss. And of course, by very tough, I mean they lost 10- 1 in Montreal. It doesn’t get much tougher than that. But they turned it around and won last night. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the Avalanche weren’t really much better against Toronto than they were in Montreal, save for one player. Toronto managed 52 shots on goal as compared to Colorado’s 29. That’s not a great way through muddle a hockey season. My goodness, the Maple Leafs aren’t even that good. They did manage to ennd their road swing 2-2, however, so maybe the Avs are on to something. Probably not.

In case you hadn’t figured out who that one player that turned it around was, it’s Semyon Varlamov. If you are going to have one player play out of their mind, I suppose the starting goaltender is the one you want to do it. Colorado had better hope they don’t need to lean on him the rest of the season like that, but their record so far this season seems to suggest that they might just have to.