Shane Doan on the Edge 103.9

Doan was on the edge this morning and they got to talking about what the smartest position was. Doan said that it wasnt really so much a smart position, but a role. He said the tough guys are usually the smartest. He mentioned Louie Debrusk and then two other guys (who i didnt hear, darn the people in my office for talking!). The two other guys went on to become lawyers. I thought that was pretty interesting becasue in the coyotes o7-08 yearbook i was looking at it said Daniel Carcillo would be a lawyer if he wasnt a hockey player.

They didnt really talk about much else, just that Chuck couldnt figure out the schedule. and how the yotes were doing a sweep through western canada.

Tomorrow night is the flames. Im going to miss the vancouver and edmonton games. Im going to DVR them but i will be having a blast in Vegas.

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