Sheena Salsberry On The Go Girl Trail Run 2012


-What do you do for a living?

I am an analyst-adviser at a small company called Sightlines.  We work with high-ed, primarily with the facilities departments, and our goal is to help colleges better manage their facilities investments. I have worked at Sightlines for three and a half years and have expanded my roles into being the head of our Health and Wellness Program.  I also recently graduated from National Personal Training Institute where I am certified to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach. With that, I am now working with Animal Athletics to launch their upcoming Women’s Boot Camp series which I am very excited for! (

Can you tell me about the event in Lower Macleay Park this past Saturday?


Yes, on Saturday, the 14th, Run With Paula hosted their annual Go Girl Trail Run in Forest Park (  This 10K+ race was a perfect trail race with a mix of some uphill, downhill, and some more uphill, all of course in a beautiful setting. It started at 8:00 am and runners were sent out in waves of 50 women or more released every minute.   The race start (and end) was at Lower Macleay Park and when my wave started, we ran up to the Stone House and took a right to get onto the Wildwood Trail.  After about 2 miles of incline and switchbacks, the course turned onto Wild Cherry for a nice steady downhill to Leif Erickson.  We were only on Leif Erickson for about a quarter of a mile before continuing onto Thurman to get to the Aspen Trail.  Then we climbed the dreaded last hill up the Aspen Trail back onto Wildwood.  From there we retraced our steps down Wildwood to the Stone House and then back along the creek to Lower Macleay and the finish.

-Were there some fast runners out there?  How did your race go personally?

I was impressed with the talent that showed up for the race.  I ended up starting with the third wave, so I didn’t get to scope out the fastest competitors- but the women in my group seemed ready to go!  I thought overall the race went well.  It was different running with all women.  Not that men are too aggressive and controlling on the trails, but I felt as though the women were supportive and encouraging of other runners, saying, “Good job” or, “Way to go” when you needed to pass.  [Editor’s note: Sheena placed 40th out of 289, in 57:45,  at 8:37/mile pace. Great job!)

-Why were you interested in doing an all-women event like this?  What do you think is the importance of such events?

I was interested in doing an all-women’s event because I think it is important for women to celebrate our strength and accomplishments together.  This is a great way for the women all over the area to join the fast growing Portland running community!

-Do you feel like there is a need for more all-women activities/events on a larger level?

I think it is great to offer all-women activities and that there should be more opportunities for women to come together like that.  It is a fun and easy-going alternative for women who want to participate in activities like this but might fear the competitiveness that such events sometimes bring.  Women only events allow women to feel comfortable, to be active and to have fun with fellow runners and friends.

-After the race was over and everything was said and done how did it feel different from a co-ed event?

I had so much energy after the race that I haven’t felt at any other race before and I think it is all from the support I received during the run itself.  Once I finished and was able to watch the others runners coming in, I was genuinely excited and proud of everyone, like they were close friends finishing.

-What advice would you give to women who are just beginning to run or just starting to explore the trails?

I would say just go out and run!  Grab a friend, a dog, or an iPod if you need it and just hit the trails!  It is very easy to get addicted, so be careful!

Thanks Sheena and congrats on your race, a solid performance!

Congratulations to all the runners out there on Saturday!

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