‘Short’ synopsis

“They tried to bring more men in the box than the Giants could block and tried not to let Plaxico or [Jeremy] Shockey beat them deep,” said Brandon Short of last year’s playoff game vs the Panthers.

This should not be a surprise to anyone. The game plan was on the cover of the Friday NY Post two days before the playoff game. Remember, this was the game that Tiki said the Giants were outcoached. Translation: we knew they were going make Eli beat us and did not make the offensive adjustments. Adjustments? Like throwing to Barber instead of handing off to Barber, to name just one. Screen passes. Anything that takes advantage of over-agressive linebackers and safeties. All of this from the former defensive coordinator of the Giants who had a talent for hiding defensive weaknesses and leveraging strengths.

Let’s see what unfolds in today’s chess game. I would have to think that Fox, not having been born yesterday, will disguise some of his coverages and mix it up enough to keep the Giants offensive playcalling off-balance. Ultimately, Manning is going to have make plays whether the Panthers sell out to stop the run or not. If Manning plays as well as played last week, it will be enough this week to win, because w/o Delhomme the Giants will win with the kind of effort they gave last week (minus the 9 penalties of course).

Last thought- 9 out of 10 NY Post Giant nose-pickers have chosen the Gmen this weekend. UGH! With friends like these, who needs enemies? Naturally (maverick and free-thinking) Blezow is with the majority. Our hero last week went 0-3 on his best bets, with the classic middle on the Giants, where he had taken the Boys -3.5. So what happened? He doesn’t cover and the Giants lose too. It is not healthy to be on the same side of Blezow.

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