Should NBA players not play in Pro-Am leagues anymore after Chet Holmgren injury?

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After Chet Holmgren hurt his foot and is now going to miss the entire season next year for the Oklahoma City Thunder, questions have come out about if NBA players should be playing in the Pro-Am Leagues from here on out.

Should NBA Players Play In Pro-Am Leagues?

Law Murray of The Athletic had an interesting take that makes sense about the incident:

“But the event was marred with unfortunate circumstances stemming from unusually high temperatures in the city. The floor hadn’t been a problem early in the game or in the previous games of the day at The CrawsOver, but the gym doors were closed on this day due to a pulled fire alarm, which Crawford said in a tweet that the league had never done. That led to the floor eventually becoming slippery. At one point, Beauchamp went up to dunk and was unable to do so because of the lack of traction on the floor. Then, Holmgren pulled up lame early in the exhibition while trying to guard James in transition.”

Sam Presti released the following statement on Holmgren getting injured at the Pro-Am:

“Certainly, we are disappointed for Chet, especially given the excitement he had about getting on the floor with his teammates this season. We know Chet has a long career ahead of him within our organization and the Oklahoma City community. One of the things that most impressed us during the process of selecting Chet was his determination and focus. We expect that same tenacity will carry him through this period of time as we work together and support him during his rehabilitation.”

Tough To Get Guys To Not Play

It would probably be best if some of these guys decided not to play in any of these leagues, but at the end of the day, they love basketball and they want to showcase that to the people watching the Pro-Am games. It’s tough to tell a professional athlete that he can’t play his sport, but it could be something that does happen sometime in the near future.

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