Should we just shut it down?

I know it’s been kind of fun with the blog this year, it really has, but I’m thinking maybe it’s time to give it a rest. My membership to Cougfan just expired, and I’m sitting here thinking “do I really want to pay $89.99 for access to “premium” articles? I mean it’s nice and all to read breaking news and/or recruiting news, and especially during signing week when the news just flows, but I don’t know. $90?? Yikes. Besides, I was warned on two occasions not to post premium content, even though I paid for it. That said, I’ve got a connection that might be able to give us the really good insider dirt from that site if I ask him, so at least if something huge happens we’ll be able to see it.

Maybe it’s because this season has turned into something unlike any other I’ve seen. Not the 3-8 record, god knows we’ve seen that before, but the fashion of the losses combined with the expectations of a minor bowl? I hate to be a front-runner but I’ve lost some steam. I never once felt my pulse quicken on Saturday night, because 1) I knew we would lose based on pretty much every loss this year, it was the same way (now the 5th loss when having a double-digit lead, 4th of which was a 2nd-half double-digit lead? And, leading in every game at some point except for USC? Yikes). And, 2) it JUST DOESN’T MATTER per brother Bluto.

Any thoughts?

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