Since the World Series, We Have Been Cocky

If you’ve been visiting Fire Brand for a while, or even other Red Sox blogs, you can always count on somewhere in the archives since October 27th, a missive stating something to the effect of:
Boy, since the World Series, Red Sox fans been cocky.
Whether it’s complaining about Mark Bellhorn, or saying that we can sweep the Cubs, or affirming that we have a very good rotation, it always boils down to one thing.
I have to admit, it makes me laugh everytime. Cocky? Us?
Of course!
But since the World Series!
Of course not!
We’ve always thought we could win the World Series that year. We’ve always thought we could go 162-0. (Okay, so maybe not. Can’t be perfect, but really, 161-1 is doable, right?)
No, children, we have not been cocky since the World Series. We’ve always been cocky. And guess what? So have you. Whether you’re a Yankees, a Cubs, a Pirates, a Devil Rays, or Cardinals fan, you’re cocky. You think you can win all the time, that your rotation is underrated, that your second baseman is terrible but thank god we’re so good we can roll along without him.
People think they’re insulting us. But they’re not, they’re just showcasing their ignorance. Because you see, that’s the easiest way they can think to insult us.
Boy, since the World Series, Red Sox fans been cocky.
It’s not an insult because:
(1) It reminds us we have won the World Series,
(2) We have always been cocky,
(3) We certainly now have the right to be cocky, and
(4) It just shows the ignorance of the commenter.
Not that that’s of any importance, but just wanted to “put that out there.”
The Red Sox avoided a sweep by the Indians today, and it was a pretty good game. Scott Elarton was mystifyingly good, but we finally got to him, thanks to a patented Mirabelli Monster Shot

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