Snow in Boston

Three quick notes (don’t forget to read Andrew’s entry below!):
J.T. Snow, formerly of the San Francisco Giants, has agreed to a 1-year, $2 million deal with the Red Sox. Count me as a fan of this signing. Snow still can swing the bat, and is excellent defensively. He and Youkilis will make an excellent combination. Anecdote: When I went to a game at SBC Park in summer 2004, J.T. hit 3 home-runs. Let’s hope he brings the same to Boston.
Matt Ciaramella is headed to the Chicago Cubs (this was announced several days ago) as compensentation for Jermaine Van Buren. Ciaramella is a 23-year old outfielder yet to progress beyond A-ball, while Van Buren, ever since converting to a reliever, has yet to post an ERA above 3.00 (that coming in 6.0 IP in the majors for the Cubs last year – yet to have an ERA above 2.08 in the minors [in 4.1 IP for AAA in 2004] and if you cut these out, yet to have an ERA above 1.98!). A 23-year old in A-ball for the 2005 Minor League Relief Pitcher of the Year? Sounds good to me.
The Red Sox also signed Luke Allen, Tyler Minges, Pat Magness, Josh Pressley, Rodney Nye, and Felix Ventura. Resigned Chris Smith. Released Mark Malaska (shame…) Washington inked Anastacio Martinez, and Brant Ust, who was just profiled in my 2B + SS review, is off to Pittsburgh. KEEP YOUR EYE ON: Luke Allen, a 27-year old OF who had a .511 SLG for AAA LAA last year.

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