Sobotka’s arbitration awards one-year, $2.725 million contract


If and when Vladimir Sobotka returns to the Blues, he’ll be playing under a one-year, $2.725 million contract. The number was reached through arbitration, even though Sobotka has already made it known that he’ll be in the KHL in 2014-15.

Though Sobotka’s contract has been decided, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Will he return to the NHL? If he does, will he even want to play for the Blues? How should the Blues handle a stalemate?

One report indicated Sobotka would spend one year in the KHL before returning to a new NHL team in 2015-16. If that report is true, that would suggest that he has absolutely no desire to be with the Blues. In that scenario, the one-year owed may not mean much as Sobotka could elect to continue skating in the KHL indefinitely. This would theoretically force the Blues to trade him away in order to secure at least something from their asset.

This situation is far from over. Maybe one year will pass, Sobotka will see what he’s missing out on and he’ll come back, mend fences and play for the Blues in 2015-16. Maybe he’ll state he won’t ever return as long as the Blues own his rights. Stay tuned.

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