Some Foreigner Really Loves The Penguins


Big ups to my Bloguin buds at Blitzburgh Blog for bringing this to my attention. Some foreign guy recently started following NHL hockey after years and years of shoddy-quality EIHL (British) hockey. And the team he took an allegiance to was our own Pittsburgh Penguins.

The foreign fan, Tom Lawrence, used a content-sharing site to download every Penguins game of the 2009-10 season, his first as a new Pens fan. The screengrab above is his local computer file…yes, that’s 164 gigs of pure Penguins heaven. I challenge you to find someone else with every game from a non-Cup season on their computer. This foreign guy is a better fan than you.

And me. The only Pens video files I have on my laptop are the Against the Odds and One from the Heart videos from the back-to-back Cup wins. Oh, and the 2009 Cup Champs dvd file. This guy is making me look like a bandwagoner. That ain’t a good look on me.

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