SPOILER: New Champion Crowned At NXT Tapings

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NXT is arguably the most successful and most popular brand in WWE. NXT began as a developmental territory but it has now become a valuable addition to Vince McMahon’s family of programs.

Now that addition has a brand new top guy. Tommasso Ciampa won the NXT championship at the company’s July 18 tapings. Ciampa has had heat recently with Aleister Black and the two were headed for a major showdown for the title. That showdown has ended with a new titleholder.

Now Ciampa is the man in NXT and it’s a spot that he definitely worked hard to attain. His feud with Johnny Gargano has been the hottest thing in NXT and it’s put both men on the map in a very big way.

Much of the credit for their success is due to Ciampa’s work. Ciampa is the best heel in NXT and his hatred for his former best friend has been palpable. Tomasso is evil, he’s vicious and he’s bloodthirsty. He targeted Gargano and wanted nothing more than to destroy the man affectionately known as Johnny Wrestling.

The two men waged war and fought their hearts out. They told an amazing story every time they touched in the ring and they drew the fans in with each punishing move. Despite how many times they faced off, it felt as though the feud would never end.

Now that Ciampa is the new NXT champion, fans are surely wondering how long it will be before he and Gargano come to blows once again. It seems destined to happen and when it does, their feud could very well go to new heights.

Tommasso Ciampa is a dastardly heel bent on destruction and Johnny Gargano is the heroic underdog standing in his way. It’s a timeless story that may only just be getting started.

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