Sports Analytics 24/7: The Future is now

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams

The billions of dollars being wagered on the Super Bowl serves as a vivid reminder that the future is now for the gambling industry – and for betters.   An activity once considered taboo has become increasingly mainstream, as illustrated by the many states legalizing, or in the process of, sports betting.

As the perception of the industry has changed, so too has the public’s approach to betting. There is a much greater volume of information to help evaluate teams and make wagers, but with so much to process and consider is the average better really taking into account the correct factors?  Are they able to properly consider the multitude of potential bets that can be made on a daily basis?

That is where Sports Analytics 24/7 comes into the picture.

The number of factors to consider for each game is overwhelming: weather, how teams perform versus the spread, historical trends – – the list goes on and on. The average person does not have the time to factor in all of that information, much less do it correctly. More significant is the personal factor: Not all betters can remove their personal bias from the evaluation.

 Sports Analytics 24/7 are sports betting consultants who utilize analytics and algorithms when making their recommendations. This approach removes the emotion that is so common in gambling, and makes selections by correctly quantifying the data and statistics relevant to that game – allowing their clients to wager on the team that the numbers support.  They teach their clients that successful sports betters practice disciplined money management and treat betting as an investment. In short, they help their clients wade through the pitfalls to which most losing gamblers succumb.

There are many different types of wagers and one of the most popular is futures wagers. A futures wager is what it sounds like: A wager on something happening further down the line (e.g.  who will win the World Series before the season begins in Baseball). For many,  futures bets are fun ways to bet on their teams (i.e. as evidenced by the Cubs to win the World Series being the most popular future most years, until they finally won the World Series). But most see their value as a fun way to demonstrate their fandom, and not as a savvy  investment. But the Sports Analytics Team has in the past year turned fun into profit. In 2017 it began with predicting the Astros (12/1 odds) would win the World Series.  It continued with Villanova to win the NCAA Tournament (at 6/1odds), soon after picked France’s World Cup Championship (at 8/1 odds) before the tournament; the run continued with Clemson (at 3/1 odds) to win the National Championship! Finishing most recently picking the Rams to win the NFC (6/1) and make the Super Bowl. Being a member of the Sports Analytics 24/7 Team has paid serious dividends for their clients. With all of these results its hard to refer to Sports Analytics 24/7 as anything other than the “Future Kings.”

Sports Analytics is demonstrating once again that when you base your decisions on numbers and data – and remove emotion – all types of bets can be profitable.

We live in an age where more information can be found on our phones then was available in previous centuries. Sports Analytics 24/7 clients have access to an information based approach that turns betting into a wise investment.  By “betting on numbers, not teams” clients can stop struggling and start succeeding.  The future is within your reach.

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