Sports betting in India with 1xbet

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India, a hot country, year-round resort, captivating crowds of tourists with bright colors and bewitching landscapes. It seems that India is created exclusively for recreation and sports in this country does not exist. But this is a completely erroneous opinion. There is sport here, it has existed for centuries, differs from many common sports, and now we will begin to talk about it.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Of course, sports all over the world (and India is no exception) are directly related to rates. Therefore, the 1xbet betting company interacts very closely and productively with the population of this country. Now we will talk about what kind of sport prevails among the people of India and how easy and simple to bet on a particular event in 1xbet.

Modern, popular sports and more features of mobile 1xbet app


We will start from the present. And the sport that comes first in polarity in India is cricket. It is popular in this country of the holiday in the same way as, for example, football in Spain or Italy, or basketball in the USA or China, about which we wrote articles earlier on our website. Here cricket is played from birth to old age. The first thing that is taught in an Indian school after the alphabet is what? That’s right, cricket!

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

For Indians, this sport is comparable to religion. Cricket tickets are bought up as soon as possible, sparing no money and scoring for work, any Indian with a clear conscience runs to the stands. By the way, for those who love cricket, the 1xbet bookmaker has opened a large line of events, and if you Download the 1xbet app for Android, you can bet from anywhere in the world at any time.


The second most popular sport in India, does not require physical exertion, but excites the gray cells of our brain as much as possible, it’s in shock itself, but this is chess. Yes, those with a “checkmate”. By the way, it was in India that this game was invented, which they are very proud of. One of the greatest chess players, Viswanathan Anand, was born and popularized chess. Just as it is difficult to pronounce his name, it is also difficult to understand how he “quickly” worked on his rivals, any maximum in 20-30 minutes.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

By the way, he is really considered the fastest chess player in the history of this sport. The game itself was born more than one and a half thousand years ago and then it was called Chatrange or Chaturanga. If you want to compete in this game with Viswanathan Anand himself, then for a start it is worth studying this discipline together with 1xbet, where you will receive pleasant bonuses during registration.


Further in popularity, it’s not difficult to guess … all the same – football. It seems that he will always be in the top three most common sports in every country in the world. India is no exception.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

In yards, on beaches and football fields, boys and older ones are chasing the ball. Despite the fact that the Indian national football team is only at 147th place in the overall ranking, football is very popular here, thanks to the most famous Indian footballer, who really ended his career back in 2006. But all his achievements have not been forgotten, and 1xbet has kindly taken this initiative. You can verify this yourself if you use the welcome promo code when registering on the official 1xbet website.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

In general, of course, sports in India are full, both tennis and basketball are well developed, there’s no need to talk about water sports, it’s a wagon and a trolley here, but it’s time to switch to national sports, which you don’t know anything about.

How to Download and Install 1XBET App

No, don’t think it’s really easy. Just some may have problems or errors. Therefore, the 1xbet bookmaker decided in advance to protect its users from confusion when a problem / error is detected.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

The application can be downloaded both for smartphones based on Android, and for those who use smartphones based on the iOS platform. In addition, there is a computer application and a browser.

Agree, this company is ahead of progress and has left all the others far behind. The application is as convenient and comfortable as possible. The design is pleasing to the eye, and the capabilities are not inferior to the browser version, even surpass them. Just give it a try.

In order to Download mobile 1xbet App you need to do the following:

– have a smartphone and an affordable Internet connection;

– go to the official website or to the partner site;

– upload the 1xbet apk file to your device;

– do not forget to copy the welcome promo code that you will specify during registration;

– make the first deposit and sum it up with the bonus amount from the promo code.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Done, you are the most wonderful and ready to make your first bet!

And you can find more detailed information by going to the partner site using the link that is indicated in this article a little higher.

National, little-known sports events and the possibility of betting on them at the bookmaker 1XBET


Well, first of all, what you need to know about this interesting sport, that it is a type of martial art, born many hundreds of years ago, in the region of the 17th century. The Indian Sikhs invented this art, for self-defense from enemies who are always attacking.

They trained a lot and came up with different techniques for fighting with melee weapons, so they were very good warriors. By the way, in India, unlike other Asian countries, such as, for example, China, where edged weapons were forbidden, on the contrary, it was an obligatory element of clothing that was worn by everyone and removed only for sleep. Now, of course, this is not practiced, but before going to bed, every self-respecting player will definitely go into his 1xbet App and analyze current events in order to make a traditional evening bet with his favorite bookmaker.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

“Gatka” is translated as “freedom in grace”, and it’s not just like that. Something reminiscent of capoeira, about which we wrote an article earlier on our website, there is also a lot of dynamism in the squad, the fight goes to music, the wrestlers spin a lot, like in dance and in their hands either in arms in each hand, or a sword and a small a shield dressing on the fist of a second hand. The basis of this military dance also includes elements of a kind of meditation, to prolong the battle and self-control.

During the battle, different weapons are used, there are about 40 types of them, and here are different blades, swords, sabers, daggers. And in 1XBET bookmaker there are about the same number of sports available for everyone to bet, is this not a miracle? There is also a very unusual weapon, for example, “chakri” (rope wheel) or “kara” (combat bracelet), “nurban ring”, which is not only an adornment of a turban, a headdress that every soldier wears, but also a weapon, this ring sharply sharpened the outer ends. In general, this spectacle is not transmitted, in ancient times with the prefix “bloody”.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Currently, of course, the bloody mess does not work out, the gatka remains no less spectacular, but already without the use of knives. Around the world, a huge number of schools on squad and other fights that have emerged from this national Indian sport.    


Another very amazing and spectacular national sport of India. The translation of the word is divided into two components, it is “mala” – an athlete and “khamba” – a pole. Well, your imagination has already begun to draw pictures for yourself? Of course you thought about pole vaulting, but no, get ready to be surprised.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Mallakhamb is performing various kinds of gymnastic poses and tricks mainly from yoga, hanging on a pole, wooden pole or rope. Rumor has it that this sport appeared already in the 12th century, but it’s not accurate, it is clear that it was born a long time ago, as is written in ancient Indian chronicles, to form an ideal physical body / form.

This sport acquired a modern look around the 19th century. And 1xbet company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and is currently rapidly gaining popularity, ahead of the competition.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Mallakhamb has many varieties, it is hanging and fixed, even on rotating bottles. And the closest of the world-famous sports is the pylon. Until now, classes in this sport are being held in the Indian army, because it strengthens the body and tempers the spirit.

In modern times, Indians are fighting for the spread of this sport around the world, and Mallakhamb really deserves this, 100% very spectacular and useful, because this is primarily acrobatic gymnastics. Mallakhamba strengthens the body, and develops flexibility, and agility to the heap becomes the best possible. At the same time, bets together with the 1xbet bookmaker develop your intuition, logic and understanding of the sport with each new bet.


Kabaddi is a popular team game in India. This is a kind of cross between fighting and tagging (an intellectual puzzle, the essence of which is to arrange the numbered knuckles in order, moving them with the help of only one empty cell, all played in childhood).

This game appeared over 4 thousand years ago, but is still very popular in India, where it was born. At the international level, the first game for men took place in 1985, and for women in 2010. Something women were pretty late. But it’s never too late for bets, 1xbet company gives a welcome promo code to any person, regardless of gender, race or religion. The most important thing is your coming of age.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

In 1990, kabaddi was included in the program of the Asian Games and from that moment began to gain more and more popularity. In general, if you study the rules, the game is very funny, you can even say that it’s for children. Two teams, 12 players each, 7 on the field, 5 in anticipation of their finest hour. And so they run shuttles to each other on the field, shouting and screaming, touching each other. But seriously, the mishandled Cossack, or “invader,” at a convenient moment, frantically rushes into the territory of another team, while he must constantly scream the word “Kabaddi!” and try to touch any part of the opponent’s body with your foot or arm.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

As soon as the breather ends or after touching it, he must return to his camp with a bullet. The player that is touched leaves the game. But the rivals can force the “invader” to either take a breath or touch the ground, then the attack moves to the opposing team. The game lasts until all team members are eliminated. It would be very interesting and exciting if betting related to this national sport could be made in the 1xbet betting shop, wouldn’t it? I’ll imagine that, therefore, the World Championships are also held.

In general, the Indians personally conquered with their originality.


Sports in India are very colorful and diverse. This is fully consistent with the mood and general tone of the whole country. 1xbet loves this country very much, because sports are always directly related to bets and it is always a very good union for both sides.

Unfortunately, at the moment the bookmaker has not yet covered such local sporting events, because they do not have broad global support. But then, every person in India knows that he can bet on world events of cricket, football and even chess. Yes, 1xbet took care of that too. Therefore, do not forget that betting is always cool and pleasant, especially if you use a Mobile 1xbet App for your Android smartphones. It is convenient and concise.

Sports betting in India with 1xbet

Go to our website, copy the welcome promo code, download the .apk file and see you in the expanses of 1xbet along with a nice bonus on your first deposit!

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