Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 28

Time for another edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast. Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and I begin our segment with what else? The Tiger Woods interviews with ESPN and Golf Channel. We discuss whether we would accept the five minute restrictions imposed by the Woods camp. Keith and I also talk about how ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi and Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman fared in their inquisitions of Tiger. And Keith goes off on Monday Morning Quarterbacking by local sports radio talk show hosts regarding the questions asked.

Then, Keith and I review CBS’ production of the NCAA Tournament this past weekend. We rate our favorite announcing teams and we question why CBS inexplicably cutaway from the last :00.4 seconds from the Xavier-Pittsburgh game on Sunday.

We also go over TNT’s plans to have the Inside the NBA crew leave the studio this week and call the Miami-Chicago game on Thursday plus we go over ESPN’s plans for MLB Opening Day.

Our guest this week is the great Chuck Wilson who recently made his triumphant return to ESPN Radio.

Keith and I ask Chuck on how he returned to ESPN Radio after he was let go back in 2005. We also go over the early days of ESPN Radio which he helped to launch in 1992. Chuck opines on sports radio today and the hosts who shout and yell to get attention. And we have Chuck discuss his days in Providence when he was a host at WEAN, WICE and WPRO. I’ll also link you to one of Chuck’s passions, his blog, Effort and Attitude.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes by searching for Sports Media Journal. You can find our past editions of the podcast there. The easiest way to hear or download the podcast is by going here.

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