Sportsbook Picks NBA as the Next League to Have a Sports Betting Scandal

Offshore Sportsbook picks NBA as the next league to have a Sports Betting scandal

It is likely your avid football fandom that brought you to this page, and as such I assume you have heard about Calvin Ridley illegally-betting. It may have only been $1,500, but golly, he lost a lot of money. It seems that the last time such a small amount of money led to such big news was Robert Kraft’s situation (more on that later). Regardless, this event got us and the entire betting world thinking: which player will get caught next, and from what league? Peruse the odds below and find the best offshore sportsbooks that offer exotic prop bets.

Sportsbooks Pick NBA As The Next League To Have A Sports Betting Scandal

At the top online sportsbooks, fans can bet on just about anything. Now that Ridley has been caught gambling, offshore betting sites are offering odds for the next sports league to catch a player gambling on sports illegally.

Below, you’ll from sports betting odds on which league will be the next to catch a player betting on sports:

  • NBA: +150
  • NHL: +200
  • MLB: +250
  • NFL: 450

NFL Odds For The Next Person To Be Caught Betting on Sports

I guess since the NFL just caught one, it is safe to assume someone else has got next. Although, while it wouldn’t surprise me for it come from any league, I wouldn’t rule it out for the NFL to claim a second consecutive title. All sports attract people with eccentric personalities, though it seems the NFL boasts players with the most absurd behavior (perhaps because of the, uhm, shoot, I can’t remember. Boy I loved playing tackle football without a helmet as a kid). If you think it will come from the NFL, here are the top odds on who it will be.

  • Antonio Brown: +350
  • OBJ: +500
  • Deshaun Watson: +650
  • Jameis Winston: +700
  • Sammy Watkins: +800
  • Robert Kraft: +800

The list goes on, but this snippet provides plenty of food for thought.

We all know the AB saga, and likely none of us anticipate it ending soon. Odell is an interesting one- I am not sure what the oddsmakers saw there, but I suppose his checkered past may play into it. Deshaun is an almost obvious candidate for the top of the list, with his current scandal still going through the bureaucratic process. However, he is followed by Jameis Winston and Sammy Watkins, and I have no clue as to what they did to someone in Vegas, or perhaps with someone in Vegas, that landed them here. Robert Kraft cleans up the list of the top six NFL personnel to illegally bet on games, and well, that makes sense. I like a rom-com more than the next guy, but nobody has seen more happy endings than he. Why not add a betting charge to the parlor filled with his mistakes?

The Top Offshore Sportsbooks for Exotic Prop Bets

Whether betting on any of the above leagues or players based on some inside information or just for laughs, a natural question to ask would concern the best place to do so. Well, just for you, we have compiled a list of the best offshore betting sites and what they have to offer.

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