Spread the Blame on Josh Freeman’s INTs vs Green Bay

Mike Williams should be found guilty of a loaf today when the Bucs watch the Packers game film. The scene is the end of the first half and the Bucs are driving down 21-10. Any score, ANY, would be great, because you would go into the half time down by one score to the powerful Green Bay Packers. 

Earlier in the game, Freeman had words with Mike Williams who did not come back to Freeman and the play resulted in an incompletion. So you would think he got the message. Um…in a word, NO.

Mike Williams can be seen here on the Bucs INT barely running, and in fact gets out ran to the ball. THIS IS ALL ABOUT EFFORT. Mike Williams it would seems learned his lesson, based on how he played the rest of the game, but this cost the Bucs some points before the half. And thankfully the Bucs defense made a stop thanks to Aqib Talib to save a Packers score before the intermission.

Check out the play in HD 

The second INT came at the end of the game, and this one can go a bit on Freeman as his pass sailed a tiny bit, bouncing off the hands of Kellen Winslow Jr for an INT.

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