Spread the Word. Spread the Love. Spread the Hockey

I really despise the “Make it Seven” campaign. I was looking at their twitter and they actually say “hockey is Canada’s game”. I mean c’mon… don’t be such a selfish, jealous sounding person. You should want to share your love of hockey with others. I know I love to talk about hockey with everyone I know regardless if they like hockey or not.

And it’s not like Canada doesn’t have NBA or MLB teams (not sure about NFL, I couldn’t name 5 NFL teams off the top of my head). We share our sports with you. What if Canada wanted a Nascar track? I am sure the fans would love to spread the love of their sport.

How about we send all of the American and international hockey teams to Canada? Apparently no one else but Canada can have hockey, according to Canadians. Bull shit. Everyone should be able to enjoy hockey. It’s a great sport and once introduced most people fall in love with it. My parents knew I was a hoceky fan when I was little but never went to a game. I have taken them to Coyotes games and they now follow the Coyotes, from Wisconsin. I have talked to a lot of people who think hockey looks like a great game but don’t understand all the rules. If we teach them, they will want to go to more games.

Ultimately the smear campaign will fail and Phoenix will keep our team.

Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the hockey.

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