Spurning the Rainbow?

Could it be that in the midst of a thrilling b-ball victory last night, that the U-Dub has actually hit a new low with regard to their football program?

Don’t know if you all caught the link last week, but Washington just announced that it CANCELLED its scheduled match-up next year at Hawaii. Why? Apperantly, they felt that playing that game wasn’t “good” for a “rebuilding” program. Say what?

Does someone at UW believe that if the Dawgs were good enough to go 6-6 (and be bowl eligible) that they would somehow not be up to “the test” of a Hawaii team that lost by 58 points this year to Michigan State??????????????? Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, with all 9 Pac-10 opponents next year, plus a non-conference tilt that includes Fresno State and Oklahoma, the Dawgs just aren’t going anywhere next year no matter how you slice it…..so its so nice of Coach Willingham and company to deny his seniors of a nice trip for all of their effort in being undermanned, undercoached, and underfanned…

3-9 next year is the best bet for the puppies (SJSU, Stanford, and one other ‘luck out’ win)…

Thank god they don’t have to face Hawaii and risk going 3-10!

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