Spurs vs. Bucks 1st Half Analysis

Theme of the night is . . . “Revenge is a dish best served cold!”
But in my case its, “Pizza is a dish best eaten cold!” Ha! Yes I am chowing down on some leftover pizza here to bring you the 1st half report!
Ok its reported that Big Shot Rob is going to be out with an ab strain and Manu got a haircut! Great. That means Oberto might get some run. What a way to start the game!
TD hits the 1st shot for the Spurs. Foot looks good and so does the sight of Oberto just sitting on the bench. Pop keep him there!
Bogut with some moves but TD taught the rook how its done with a move of his own.
What the “F”!!!!! Foul on Rasho? Ohhhhhh I see, Rasho got the foul because Jamal Maglorie ran into TJ Ford and Rasho was no where in sight. Nice call ref! Next time give the foul to Sean Marks for sitting on the bench while Mike Redd is shooting free throws!
What does Terrell Owens and the Spurs have in common? That’s right, both have TO! Can the Spurs front office invest on some glue so the players won’t turn the ball over? Damn! Already the Spurs are giving up the ball like Eva Longoria giving it up to anyone with a pulse.
Man can Mike Redd shoot! He had Bowen blanketing him and still hit the shot. oh and Nazr got his shot rejected due to excessive pump fakes! Nazr…..you’re 6’11″……dunk the damn ball! At the 2 min Spurs 13/Bucks 13.
Oh no……Oberto is in and Bogut scored on him. How “crap”-tacular Oberto! Oh man! Bogut blocked Manu’s shot with some cajones!
This just in….with 30 secs. in the 1st quarter…..Father Time aka Toni Kukoc checked in! How old is this guy…..180 years old?
Ok at the end of the first quarter the score is tied, Spurs 20 Bucks 20. Bogut is playing pretty good on both ends of the floor. Blocking shot and scoring buckets! He has been pretty much all of the Bucks offense. Not to shabby rook! As for the Spurs, balanced scoring, as always, with TP leading the way. Though turnovers were killing the Spurs they hung in there.
Spurs score quickly and take the lead…Spurs 22 Bucks 20 and Oberto sucks quickly picking up the foul. Nice job Oberto! Are you like me and does this go through your head …..”Pass the ball Oberto! Don’t shoot!” Oberto with the brick!
With 9 mins left in the 2nd Q, Bucks lead the Spurs in block shots — 3-0 and lead the Spurs, 25 to 24.
LMAO! Oberto tried to guard and stop TJ Ford during a Bucks fast-break and he blew past Oberto. Speaking of Ford, man is he quick. And I thought TP was fast! Definitely a candidate for “Come Back Player of the Year.”
Nick “the lawsuit” Van Exel hits the 3 and then makes a pretty pass to Manu for the layup!
Uh oh……Mo Williams is heating up, scoring 8 quick points and with 5:22 left in the game the Bucks are leading the Spurs, 33 to 29.
Whoa! We got a Brent “Brick” Barry sighting and as on cue…..hits a brick! With 3:20 left game is tied at 35. Here is something shocking…..the Spurs are perfect from the free-throw line shooting 7 for 7.
Oh well the Spurs were perfect from the free throw line until 2 min 3 sec mark when…you guessed it, TD missed a free throw. TD is also shooting 3 for 8 from the field. Step it up Timmy!
With 1:19 left in the 2nd Q, Bucks lead the Spurs, 38 to 36 until Magloire fouls TD for the basket and 1! Tim hits the free throw and Spurs take the lead. With 49 secs left in the game, Spurs take the lead, with TP and Manu on a fast-break. Spurs 41 Bucks 36. Man did you see TP outrun TJ!?
And at the half, Spurs leading the Bucks 41 to 40. Spurs and Bucks were neck-and-neck throughout the 2nd Q. No team taking control of the game. TD is leading the way for the Spurs with 10 points and 5 rebounds. TP and Manu each scored 8 points. Spurs gave up too many easy buckets to the Bucks. For the Bucks, Bogut stood out for me on the defensive and offensive side of the floor.
First-half stats:
Bucks Spurs
FG% 45.5 40.5
3PT% 25.0 22.2
FT% 75.0 90.0
Turnovers 8 6
Fast Break 10 2
Biggest Lead 4 3
Unanswered Pts 3 5
Jeff’s “1st Half Line of the Moment Award” goes to……
Fabricio Oberto — Min: 08:14 FGM/A: 0-1, 3GM/A: 0-0, FTM/A: 0-0, Reb: 1, AST: 1, PF: 2, ST: 0, TO: 0, BS: 0, PTS: 0
Mike Deleon is going to provide 2nd half analysis. Thanks for stopping by Projectspurs.com and keep on checking out thespurscast.com for more podcast. Leave us your comments.
And I am out of here like Steve Francis getting suspended!
Jeff G.
Spurscast Co-Host
Projectspurs Reporter
NY/NJ Correspondent

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