Spurs vs. T-Wolves In Game Blog — The Return of Manu and Horry!

First Quarter
Well it’s tip off and i am freaking stoked! Manu “The Man” Ginobilli is playing and in the starting line up and had one sweet block! But its obvious he is a bit rusty and is out early. In comes Finley.
Whoa “No Ab Rob” is back too! TP challenged KG and won easily scored on him! He must have gotten laid last night!
Speaking of KG, you know Wally Z. is gone to Boston because of his beef with KG. KG thats the reason why you will never win it all. Wally is a good player and you will miss his contibutions. Now go and miss the playoffs and cry how you never have the team around you to win it all. Oh and you think it’s smart to have some words with your boss, Kevin McHale? Idiot!
Back to the game. Pretty close right now. Spurs look a little tight and are losing , 16-13, to the Wolves with 2:35 left in the 1st.
Crap! Barry is in! Everybody….”He’s a BRICK house! He pretty crappy, when he is shooting from the floor, owwww he’s a BRICK house!”
TONY PARKER!!!!! WHAT A MOVE!!!! T-Wolves player, Reed, was talking smack to TP when Reed blocked his shot. Freaking TP then drives the ball at him and gets an “and one”! Kick his ass TP!
Well at the end of the 1st, Spurs are winning, 19-18! Pretty close game. KG is a non-factor but TP is leading the team. TD is holding his own and the Spurs are shooting 39%.
Second Quarter
TD with the jump hook on Blount. With KG on the bench TD should dominate. Hell is freezing over, Barry hit a shot and has 4 points.
This is a sight I love to see…Manu is back on the floor but fouled new T-Wolf, Ricky Davis. Early on the Spurs bench is outscoring the Wolves bench, 8-4.
Damn! Ricky Davis abused Van Exel and scored over Nazr. In my opinion, The Celts got the better of the deal. Man, TD is abusing T-Wolves player, Reed. Spurs winning, 28-24, against the Wolves, with 8:24 left in the 1st.
TD looks good early on with 13 point and some block shots. Foot looks good too. Lets hope this continues. And man! He just took the ball to KG and got an “and one”! Foul on KG. TD comes down and pumps his fists in the air! Get mean TD! TD hits the free throw. Spurs leading 39-25 in the 2nd with 5:45 mins left in the 2nd.
Horry and Jaric start getting into some words. Jaric was playing a bit rough on Horry and Jaric got the foul. Horry then shouders him. Good thing the ref didn’t see that! With 2:56 mins left in the 2nd, Spurs leading 42-37.
TP with the steal and in for an easy layup! TP with 11 points, 1 steal, 1 assist soo far!
Damn! KG clearly travels and no call from the ref. I wish Rasho would wear his championship ring, show it to KG, and then punch KG in the balls with it!
End of the 1st half, Spurs leading 47-42. T-Wolves mad a late run on the Spurs to close the gap. The Spurs were leading as many as 11 but its close. What grabs me this 1st half is play of TP. He is driving in the lane with ease. TD is leading with 16 points. Manu is clealy rusty but it’s still nice to see him back.
Third Quarter
Spurs come out slow. Missing shots and would the refs ever call a foul on KG? First he got away with a travel and then got away with pulling Rasho down.
TD looks really great! He almost posterized KG with a jam!
MANU!!!! WITH A 3!!!!!!
TD 20 points, 9 rebounds and 1 assist so far in the game. Freaking nice! he has been relentless. He got his shot blocked by KG but stucke with it and caused KG to foul him. Man I can’t stand KG.
Uh oh! T-Wolves are only down by 2 now, 62-60. Blount, the new Wolf, is really playing nice tonight.
Finley with a 3! I guess he can shoot!
Damn! Oberto is in. I hope it’s just for a few mins. Though he did have a few good games, especially against the Hornets.
Oh man! TP scored over KG and Blount! How does he do it?
End of the 3rd! Spurs looked sluggish. Allowing the Wolves to come all the way back to be as close as 1 point. Blount and KG led the come-back. TD and TP held the Spurs together.
Fourth Quarter
Manu looks like he might be lossening up. Hit a shot and had a pretty assist.
Blount is playing nice for the Wolves. Spurs winning 79-72.
TD another shot in! Man this looks like the TD we’re used to.
The Wolves are not going down with out a fight. Just when the Spurs seem ready to crush them, KG hits a huge 3 with 2 seconds left on the shot-clock. With 8:48 mins left, Spurs 81, Wolves 75.
It’s the TD show right now! He is so mobile and just hit a hook shot over KG!
Oh come on ref!!!!! How is that 3 point shot made by Finley not an “and one”???? He got mauled by that Wolf player!
TP made a shot from his waist! Man he is a beast in the paint! And Manu does it to! He hit a floater in the paint and has scored 11 points so far in his return!
MANU IS BACK!!!!!!!! HE HIT A HUGE 3!!!!!! The Spurs are taking the Wolves best shot and are answering back!
The Spurs are on a 10-0 run! The Spurs are running away witht he game now! With 2 mins left in the 4th, Spurs 98, Wolves 84.
Just kill the clock Spurs. TD adding to the Wolves pain! He misses his shot but then tips his shot back in.
Oberto is in and TD is out. Huge applause from the Spurs fans. This was Tim’s night.
Spurs looked good all night long. Seemed like they were crusing until the forth when they put the clamps on the Wolves. This was a great game with TD and TP leading the way. Final score, Spurs 102 Wolves 88.
Great game all around. Now the Spurs head on the road for the Rodeo Road Trip. The game wasn’t easy as the score look. Parker and Manu down the stretch really helped pull the Spurs away from the Wolves. Spurs shot 47% for the game and kept the turnovers to a minimum with 10. Though the only bad news is Horry re-injured his ab strain.
Welcome back Manu.
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