BREAKING: ‘Stardom’ Wrestler Tragically Passes Away


Hana Kimura, who was one of Stardom’s favorites among Japanese fans and a reality star on the Netflix show Terrace House, passed away at the age of 22.

Stardom released a statement on their Twitter page concerning this tragic event.

Hana’s cause of death was not cleared once the news first broke.

However, according to, Hana put posts on her social media hinting to her fans that she was being cyber bullied.

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On her Instagram story and Twitter profile, she posted a photo with her and her cat. On the Instagram story, the caption read “goodbye” which alarmed a lot of people.

Social media posts from various professional wrestlers from WWE, AEW, NWA, Impact and others flooded all across online sending their condolences and paying their respects to the fallen wrestler.

Kimura was a star, adored by Japanese fans since her debut with Wrestle-1. She won her first title at the JWP Junior plate in 2016 and would eventually join Stardom in 2019 according to TMZ. Kimura was most famous by fans for her time as the leader of the Tokyo Cyber Squad.

Hana’s character on the “Terrace House” show was beloved by many as she played a hopeless romantic.

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