Starry-Eyed Fans choose All-Stars

Go check out Mike Paceleo’s latest article on He discusses fan voting for the All-Star starters and the ideal system the NBA should adopt.
Here is a short excerpt:

No league, with the possible exception of NASCAR, caters to the whims and loves of their fans as the National Basketball Association. In arenas all across the NBA, you have interactive fan displays. There are trivia machines, giant action photos of your favorite players that you can pose with and put yourself “right in the action”, you can compare shoe sizes with Shaquille O’Neal or measure your wingspan against that of Tim Duncan. The culmination of the fan fun is the All-Star Weekend. The NBA was the first league to turn its annual exhibition into a four-day fiesta where fans can throw down a two-handed dunk, shoot a three-point bomb or call the play by play of a moment in NBA history. All-Star weekend is as much about the fans as it is about the players. The fans even select the starters. Great idea, right? Not so much.

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