Steph Curry Injury Detrimental To Golden State Warriors

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Steph Curry is among the best basketball players today and one of the greatest players in history.

He is having another outstanding season.

Curry is averaging 30.0 points per game, 6.6 rebounds per game, 6.8 assists per game, and 1.0 steals per game.

He leads the league in three-pointers made. Curry has 26 more made threes than the second-placed person.

Unfortunately for the Warriors and their fans, Curry suffered a left shoulder injury that will sideline him for a few weeks.

Below, we will discuss how Curry’s injury will impact the Warriors and whether they can survive without him for a few weeks.

How Will Steph Curry’s Injury Impact The Golden State Warriors?

Curry has more of an offensive impact on his team than any other player does in the league.

With Steph Curry on the court, the Warriors have an offensive rating of 118.9.

With Curry off the court, the Warriors have an offensive rating of 99.9.

When Curry is on the court, the Warriors have the best offensive rating in the league.

The 99.9 offensive rating with Curry off the court is the lowest in the league by a wide margin.

The worst offensive rating in the league is 107.5.

Jordan Poole will be asked to elevate his game but he has struggled this season.

He is shooting just 31.9% from three and is averaging 17.9 points per game.

Poole has shot over 35% from three in each of the last two seasons.

Golden State struggles mightily on offense when Curry is not on the floor.

Can The Warriors Survive Without Curry?

The Warriors currently sit 10th in the Western Conference.

They will slide down the West standings without Curry for the next 10-15 games.

With Curry not on the floor, Golden State has the worst offensive rating in the league.

The next four games for the Warriors are four difficult road matchups.

They will get a nice home stretch after the next four games.

After four straight road games, the Warriors will get eight straight home games.

Curry could return toward the end of the eight-game home stretch.

However, with difficult road games and five of their eight home games against good teams, Golden State will slip in the West standings.

They sit 10th in the West and will fall.

Golden State is in danger of missing the playoffs if Curry’s injury takes longer to recover or if he is not the same when he returns.

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