Steph Curry somehow drains 105 consecutive three-pointers (Video)

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The Warriors may be awful again this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have star talent on their roster.

They may not have much of a supporting cast, but two-time MVP Steph Curry is one of the greatest — if not the greatest — shooter in NBA history.

Anyone who’s watched Steph warm up before games knows that he can knock down all types of shots, from all over the court. He’s basically a cheat code in human form, who’s made a habit of hitting shots that few others can.

And when Curry is anywhere around the perimeter during games, opposing teams had better step out on him. Otherwise, he’ll knock down open shots left and right. We know this because he recently drained 105 (!) consecutive three-pointers in practice.

That’s just absurd.  Five straight minutes of buckets.

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