Swogger – “I’m a Coug!”

Forget the Swoggs-to-transfer rumors. The story is up now that he talked to cf.com and shot down any rumors of his transfer.

Rumors of a Josh Swogger transfer have been building for a couple of weeks — and took on new life over the weekend. But the strong-armed junior says he’s not going anywhere.”I’m a Coug,” Swogger told Cougfan.com Monday morning. “That’s the way I look at it. That thought hasn’t even crossed my mind. There’s always going to be stuff like that. Pretty funny, really.”

“I think there’s two ways you can handle a situation like this,” said Swogger. “One is the bad way, to say you’re getting a raw deal and all that. What I try to do is help out the guys, almost acting like a coach and help out the guys on the sideline.”

And Swogger reiterated that while many people will probably always have a tendency to automatically accept rumor as fact, this one has no basis in reality.”People are going to talk,” he said. “They’re going to say, ‘Oh I’m from his hometown and my second cousin’s girlfriend or whatever says….’ But I’m a Coug. And its going to stay that way for as long as I know.”At the end of the game, the Cougar Radio Network’s Bud Namek asked head coach Bill Doba if the staff had considered replacing Brink with Swogger at halftime. Doba was succinct: No.Still, Swogger remains as loyal a crimson and gray foot soldier as ever.”I’m doing good,” said Swogger. “I’m just hanging in there, and just seeing when I’m going to get my shot.”

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